Miracle baby Anya Belyshev - young record holder

fragile girl Anya Belyshev from Omsk in fact - the miracle child and athlete-record holder.

At 8 years she has already delivered 3 records included in the "Guinness Book of Records."Since childhood, Anna, that today - 14 years, pushed by sex 1500 times in 52 minutes, can pull the rope 2 car "Mazda", weighing 2200 kg, bed and walking on broken glass, and inflates a rubber hot water bottle so that it breaks.

all started with the fact that the railroad Omsk Sergei Belyshev set a goal by all means write the name of his daughter Anna in world history records.As early as nine years old, she became a candidate for master of sports acrobatics.And then one of its achievements were recorded in the book of the All-Russian achievements "Lefty": while young omichka fulfilled without interruption in 1500 push-ups.

However, this did not end the exploits schoolgirl.Once Sergei saw the famous trick of inflating the rubber hot-water bottles, which made famous showman and bodybuilder Vladimir Turchinsky nicknamed Dynamite.Technology process Anya taught the brothers-acrobats Kalutsky.

«No girl in the world does not perform such tricks.Therefore, the path in the "Guinness Book of Records" opened for us ", - says Sergey Belyshev.

first three-liter water bottle schoolgirl broke after just a few workouts.When her father for the sake of the experiment suggested that the little girl pick up a 32-pound dumbbell, she managed to make it on the first try.

Hobby girls - walk around the apartment on his hands, to do somersaults with and rocking on the bar.The most amazing thing is that after exercise, worthy of an adult and a strong man, Anya feels great.She does not get off the breath, not even quickens the pulse.

«At school, boys are constantly asking me to break a heating pad on the dispute.Even the money offer.But for me it is a great sport, so the forces trying in vain not to waste "- says Annie.

But do not harm the health of girls whether such serious exercise?There is no threat, according to doctors who examined the young athlete.Doctors did not reveal any abnormalities in her health.Her heart rate at rest is 76 beats per minute.And with loads it does not rise above 90-98 strokes.So, the heart copes.

One record Ani - a spichagi.No woman in the world an account of the execution of twenty difficult gymnastic exercises.With so many causes Omsk to Moscow to perform at the show of the capital, but has long been the world record holder performs twenty-five.

Father Ani - still a lot of ideas for the record, and it tends to be a gifted daughter still at least ten times entered the "Guinness Book of Records", and then became the Circus.

life living peers for Anya quite interesting.During the day - school, then - training in the circus.It remains the only time to watch your favorite TV shows and a dream.Recently, she has to communicate mostly with older, so teeter with the girls and girlfriends gossip about her reluctance.He thinks it's a waste of time.

Articles Source: rumbur.ru