Natalia Name: characteristics and impact on the fate

name Natalia, characteristics which will be discussed in this article is derived form the ancient and very rare male name Natal, which in turn comes from the Latin "Natalis".This word is translated into Russian as "native".It is not difficult to guess that means the name of Natalia - "native".This interpretation is the most common, although there is also a version that this name comes from the Latin phrase Natalis Domini, meaning "Christmas".According to some, the name appeared in the days when actively began to spread Christianity.

Character name Natalia childhood

Little Natasha grows lively child, she was naughty, curious.I do not obey their parents.Even if it had a row, it will still continue to do what she wants, it's a real fidget.A girl named Natasha - a cheerful child, she no longer restless inventor and dreamer.At school she was an activist, a good student, and may well be an excellent student.He participates in all school activities, engaged in social activities.Will always help in difficult times.Natasha will not allow to offend the weak, and does not tolerate criticism.

Natalia Name: characterization, psychological portrait

Natalia - energetic and inquisitive person, she has a lot of interests and hobbies, such as reading, music, painting.She likes to learn something new, especially attracted to her humanities, such as psychology and history.Its distinctive traits are determination, kindness, sociability.In general, Natalia - a very complex and strong-willed man who knows how to manage people, and it is even like.In a circle of friends she was open, sensitive, peace-loving, not like quarrels and conflicts, very hospitable.However, she never tolerate, if someone starts to criticize, it gets it with a twist, and she could not hold back, and roughly shows his emotions.If Natalya took a decision, then for what it does not change.

Natalia Name: characteristics and impact on the choice of profession

Whatever profession choose a girl with the same name, it is able to achieve great success in their careers.This is due to the fact that Natalia has a practical turn of mind and well-developed intuition.She always strives to achieve its goals, so do not need to stand in her way.She fit any profession, it will succeed everywhere, from her get a great public figure, teacher, critic, artist, singer and TV presenter.It may also hold executive positions.

Natalia Name: characteristics with respect

For men it is attractive, feminine, charming.In relationships it affectionate and gentle, dreaming of a big bright feeling, about the only prince.Her choice - a man with whom she will live his entire life, so it does not happen a lot of relationships.In men appreciate the beauty and reliability.And it is important for the material component.In family life, a woman named Natalie - a wonderful hostess, a faithful wife and a caring mother.

What is the name Natalia in astrology

suitable name this zodiac sign - Virgo.The planet, which is its patron - Mercury.The colors bring luck Natalia - white, beige, yellow, red.Plant mascot - burnet animal - a hedgehog.As a talisman suitable stone Bloodstone.