Oldfagov - what does it mean?

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now very much interested "oldfagov - what is it?".The fact is that today it is growing rapidly, it comes every day new words.Let's see you, that means "oldfagov."Prepare to distinguish between several options.


Naturally, the first meaning, which is covered under our current term - the so-called "old man."If a good rummage in the translation of words from the English language, the word "Old" means "old."

So if you are thinking: "oldfagov - what is it?", The first thing can mean the old man.In this case it is not necessary to believe that this expression is an insult or humiliation.Thus, commonly referred to as persons 70-80 years, who watched the development of the world.So you can call oldfagov your grandparents.However, they are unlikely to be able to appreciate it.

In addition, to answer the question: "oldfagov - what is it?"- Can be a little different.These are people that are slightly old-fashioned.Hateful white crows that do not follow fashion and who are the old outlook on life.So if you hear the two terms "oldfag- nyufag" you can think of them as "old - new".However, there is yet another concept that refers to the given word.Let's see what it was.


So, in today's world, most slang-speech comes just from the Internet.So that concepts such as "oldfagov - nyufag" also came from there.Let's see, what does the expression on the Web.

now entered fashion somehow call users at different sites.Now all the "old-timers" and "newcomers" have their own names.Oldfagov called for a long time and "wise" inhabitant of a particular web page.These people know much about the resource and are considered special experts.You can say that to them in some measure is necessary even to listen.Sometimes called long oldfagov players what some online games.But after we found out the answer to the question: "oldfagov - what is it?", It's time to talk a bit about such terms as "nyufag."


So, once we have finished with you, who are called "elders" of the site, then it is time to discuss the question of who is called "nyufagami."As mentioned earlier, this term is comparable to the newcomers.

So can call the inexperienced new users or those who are just beginning to comprehend some business.You can call these people are "green".So, if you call nyufagom, do not be offended.But let us now try to you to figure out how to become oldfagov.Quite often this status - it's just a compliment to many users.And many people are attracted to it.

become "elder"

Now, let's understand how it is still possible to earn status oldfagov.To get started you need to register on any popular website or forum.After that, a long time to appear there.At the same time you should be more active and become more and more popular.In any case, your name (or nickname) must always be at the hearing.

So if you just hang out for a long time on a particular site, but sit quietly, like a mouse, then you are hardly oldfagov.Is that just an ordinary user.Try to be as active and interesting as possible.

It is best to sit on the pages devoted to active postings.Here you can post photos / pictures, and post interesting news.Do not choose the site as something like "Instagramma."As a rule, such things are skeptical, and then special skill is needed.But if you choose something like a blog or even a home page, then you will have all chances of obtaining the status of "oldfagera."