Rhodes in September: the weather and Entertainment

There Aegean wonderful place - the island of Rhodes.It is part of the Dodecanese and it is the largest island.There is a very beautiful legend associated with this corner of the earth: rising from the sea Rhodes fascinated with the beauty of Apollo, who gave him a blessing.Since then, much time has passed, and the island remains as beautiful and magnificent.Tourists are drawn here like a magnet.Seasoned travelers are assured that the best time to travel here - September, when the velvet begins season.Although, if you look, this term refers only to the first half of the month, as Rhodes in late September (weather in particular) becomes unattractive.The island will meet you power the wind blowing in from the sea and interfering pleasant stay on the coast.

Climate Rhodes in general and in particular in September

on the island reigns a typical Mediterranean climate.For him are typical wet and mild winters, fresh and hot summers.The scorching sun brightens seasonal northern wind (or Meltemi).In winter the air is rare when cooled to zero degrees, and instead of snow it rains.The average summer temperature on the island is 26 degrees.

Weather (Rhodes) in September is very similar to the August time, notably in the first part of the month.But the closer coming October, the thermometer will begin to decline.But in September at Rhodes still has a beach to relax.The fact that the beach season is over, say gradually reduces the flow of tourists.

Rhodes in September (weather)

In general, the weather on the island in September is quite favorable and comfortable.The daily air temperature reaches 28 degrees, the night - 20.These parameters indicate that the tourists do not have to worry about the strong heat.Therefore, they can safely plan the tours, which in summer were not so successful because of the scorching sun.

Amazing Rhodes in September!The weather is wonderful, there are practically no rainfall.For a month can happen only one day when the rain will fall in the amount of slightly more than one millimeter.The island is mostly low humidity, so the heat is pretty easy.Very nice sea in those days: its water warms up to 24 degrees Celsius, so nice to swim.Vodicka invigorates and energizes.Thus, in September to go to the Greek Rhodes can and those who just like to soak up the beach, and those individuals who prefer doing nothing of the Sea walking and sightseeing trips.

Butterfly Valley

the first month of autumn, you have every opportunity to enjoy the insects in the natural park Valley of the Butterflies, which is located in Rhodes (Greece).Weather in September, gives the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of this place.This state of affairs is due to the fact that as soon as October begins the cool season, the majority of the inhabitants of the valley lay eggs and die.A new "wings" flutter begin in June.

The Butterfly Valley is not quite the right conditions for long walks.There are almost always occupied by lifting up, so Rhodes in September (weather very comfortable) - the best time to turn his dream into reality.On a hot summer will make it much more difficult.

Another place worth seeing

This month the weather in Rhodes has to visit the mountain Filerimos.In ancient times, at the top of this mountain was located the acropolis of the city Yalisa.There is a temple and monastery of the Virgin Filerimskoy that does not work today.Going down the mountain brings you to the very Yalis - a popular place for divers.Every September there is a festival dedicated to popular culture.

What to do in September in Rhodes

Great place for active pastime outdoors and sightseeing - Rhodes in September.Weather has, and the wealth of the island will not leave indifferent.At this time, you will not be tired from the grueling sun and not get wet from heavy rains.Tourists will be able to stroll along the established route guide or wander through the narrow alleys of the island's capital, it is also called Rhodes.You can try unmatched dishes from local chefs in restaurants, which is full of in the old part of the village.You can also explore the truly Greek places: ancient ruins, churches and mosques, legends and myths.

13 and 14 September the residents of Rhodes feast Timiou Stavrou Kalises in the district.This event is known incendiary folk dances and folk music.On September 27, on the island of celebrating the Day of Tourism.At this time in favor Stefanos Kazelis and Orchestra "Kalises."Due to the fact that in September, Rhodes is perfect weather, holidays leave you the most pleasant feelings and memories.

Some figures

gathered in the fall to Rhodes?Weather forecast for September, provides the following information:

  1. highest daily temperature - 30 degrees.
  2. The lowest night temperature - 20 degrees.
  3. Every day there are 11 hours of sunlight.
  4. Enjoy the daylight hours can be 12.5 hours.
  5. expected two days with precipitation.
  6. monthly rainfall is expected 14 millimeters.
  7. water temperature reaches 25 degrees.

Who is in the court of September - the time just to go to the historic Rhodes.Therefore, if you have not spent your vacation, or if it has been used, still, think of something and go to Greece.You will be something unforgettable, unsurpassed, magnificent and just gorgeous.