Sagittarius man - Scorpio-woman: strong union or irreconcilable hostility?

Of all the options compatibility characters, probably not meet a more harmonious and yet sophisticated couples than Sagittarius man - Scorpio female.Because each of them by itself is extremely controversial multi-layered personality, and when combined, there is a rare opportunity that these two like each other at first sight.

However, if they really dare to enter into a relationship with each other, you can be confident in the stability and durable of their mutual feelings.The ease and romance of the girls are able to captivate the sign-willed man Sagittarius and be his sole purpose in winning that he will resort to all his arsenal of seduction and courtship.However, I soon found out that this girl is not that easy prey how it might seem at first glance, a sign of Scorpio.Sagittarius just a keen and constant game of mystery, danger of being imprisoned in this for many years.Of course, they will face many challenges and: stability and calm water and uncontrolled fire will often contradict each other.However, the endeavors on both sides of the solution will always be found, and the relationship only firmly established.


special topic, almost never abated, volatility will be frank and flirting, that must accommodate a charming Sagittarius man.Scorpion woman, on the contrary, different chastity and extreme jealous.She will always try to keep him close, to control his actions and emotions to make his property.Of course, a typical Sagittarius in any case not agree with this, and this attitude will only strangle him and thus aggravate the situation.Unfortunately both of them characterized by a common trait - self-interest, because of which everyone will "pull the blanket to their side."A significant step in bringing together a pair of female Scorpio - Sagittarius man may be having a baby, in which everyone will see the continuation of itself and continue to give all the forces only in his upbringing.

Thus, they both become responsible for caring parents, and past differences dissipate themselves soboy.Tut just useful intelligence, and Scorpio in the reading of many books and manuals on child care and dedication of Sagittarius in earning fundssoftware family with all the necessary and more.Sagittarius man - Scorpio woman, great is the parents, because of their irrepressible flow of internal energy instead of quarreling with each other will be directed in the right direction.

Another aspect

If only develop relationships, and plans far there is no question, that will help strengthen their alliance strong sexual connection.Both of these signs have charisma and charming, they are drawn to each other, and they will hardly be able to resist these feelings.Sagittarius man - Scorpio female - one of the most compatible couples in terms of the relationship of love that will surely allow to reconcile the two, even after the most severe quarrel.