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oldest man today

This woman from Georgia, whose age has been confirmed by the authorities of the country.Antis Khvichava boasts that lived for as much as 130 years!She was born in western Georgia July 8, 1880, he lives with his 40-year-old grandson, and as usual, could not explain how she managed to live up to this venerable age.Of course, the fresh mountain air and good wine are also reasons for the long healthy life, as well as the fact that the antis worked 85 years in the tea plantations.However, in order to interview, reporters have to bring their own interpreter, because the woman did not study at school and can speak only on special local Megrelian dialect.One can only wish her to live as much of the antis want!

oldest doctor

This man helped to be born in more than 18,000 infants in '63 for his practice and now, at the age of 100 years, it is still the number of doctors in a hospital in Georgia, USA.Now Walter Watson has deserved the nickname "Papa Doc" and among his patients have the whole family - from grandparents to grandchildren.For example, a certain Sarah Allen, 77 years of which 59 years she was under medical supervision Walter Watson, said: "It took 17 members of my family, including five children and twelve grandchildren.He is the best, no one better than he knows his job. "That this man respect.It's frightening to imagine the huge amount of experience, which can boast of Walter Watson ...

oldest skydiver

97-year-old George Moise and his grandson Edward Brewer, 43, made the jump from the plane with a height of over 3,000 meters in 2009year.Everyone jumped along with the instructor.They spent half the height of the free flight, after open the parachute and grandfather with his grandson successfully landed on the plateau of Salisbury, in the south of England.

oldest worker at McDonald

Bill Dudley is the oldest employee of the restaurant chain McDonald's in Britain, and most likely, and around the world.He turned 85 years old, he used to work as a taxi driver, and went to work after being laid off in a fast food restaurant.According to Bill, he said the restaurant staff and his family, and he likes to communicate with people, listen to their stories and help solve their problems, at least in words.In fact, between work in the hall of McDonald's and the taxi driver a lot in common, and that is what he said caught Bill in this work.Ambient always give him fewer years, thinking that he is about 60, and it also makes Bill feel young and brisk In general, well done guy - instead of boozing or watching television, engaged in work that is fun and makes sensesurrounding yourself fit.May God grant him a long life and many positive emotions!

oldest perverts

Or, as they call themselves, swingers In Britain, an unusual couple lives with a total of more than 140 years - Ian and Jane Smith.They are more than 30 years, since the 70s of the last century, regularly participate in swingers parties, visiting more than three hundred events.They have earned the title of "The King and Queen of the swingers", and do not seem to want to abandon their way of life.The Smith family has eight grandchildren, and despite this, Ian and Jane argue that continue to participate in orgies, as it makes them feel young and healthy as well as keep a fortress of their marriage.

oldest student

Rather, the oldest student - 102-year-old Ma Ksiuksian in China.Recently, she has shown by example that learning is never too late, enrolling in the first grade Weshan Road Elementary School.At the age of 13 years she worked in the cotton mill and was not able to complete their primary education.Now, in a very old age, Ma decided to catch up, and the school administration, after reading a local newspaper interview with a respected grandmother took her to the first class.

oldest player in ping-pong

Dorothy De Low in October, 100 years old.She lives in Western Australia, near Harstvill.In addition to a ripe old age, this courageous woman can boast participation in the championship ping-pong among veterans held in June 2010 in China.Judging from the video, it plays much better than most average man in the street, and even the young novice tennis players in general, the grandmother - well done!

oldest virgin

oldest woman opened her secret to longevity - no sex.Now she was 105 years old, Clara Midmor had an intimate relationship in my life, because she was "too busy" work, so there was no time for all this nonsense.Miss Midmor remembers the Titanic sank, and that with 12 years, she has concentrated on work and very sorry about it, no one rejected the marriage proposal.I do not know, somehow it's sad all the ... Cute girl in her youth, and this unusual life choices.

oldest entertainer

He always arrives in a black limousine, dressed in a tuxedo strict, arm in arm with a beautiful lady, surrounded by eager admirers.84-year-old Kennet Smith entered the Chester High School rather late.Late for several decades due to the fact that in 1943, he enlisted in the army and did not finish his education.A friend advised him to do it in the above school, after which Kenneth became quite well-known and highest-paid entertainers.

oldest prostitute

Prostitution is called the oldest profession, but Taipei police have a file on the oldest prostitute nicknamed "Grandma" (Grandma) the age of 82 year.Work experience in her more than 40 years, and she began to pursue the case after her husband died.Of course, it pays much less than young and beautiful girls, but in general it is all, of course, sad and disgusting.But, apparently, there is a need for such an unusual service.

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