How to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4", and where it all is?

practical, yet presentable "Iphone 4" won its users the ease of use and technical reliability.

some unknown, or how to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4"

fairly standard situation can affect anyone: you buy your phone does not detect obvious signs of the presence of slots for the SIM card.Apparatus cast sparkles sparkling body, making it clear that the apple is not so easy to see through.And yet, how to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4"?If you did not participate in the implementation of electronic caller ID phone and did not appreciate the importance of what is happening as a result is now in a state of complete ignorance: extracted from Simcoe, and how to withdraw from the phone?The situation arising from the replacement numbers, there is now.New Sim is poised embrace digital mobile "miracle."But the "invisible" slot for a SIM card is still not detectable.Incredibly simple solution lies in the structural features of the brainchild of Steve Jobs.Let's see what's inside this machine "dream."

ingenious device for ordinary people

housing "iPhone" hides "the great mysteries" that deserve absolute attention.Therefore, the question of how to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4", it is quite natural.The conservative design of Apple products has a number of advantages, which are expressed in advantages over competing products.A favorable differences lie in the convenient location of the navigation pad, instantaneous tactile response of the touch screen keyboard and the other winning chips, including the location of the slots for the SIM card.Iphone owner does not need to open the enclosure, withdraw the battery and sim card installed in a cleverly devised sim receiver.It is enough to be in possession of a special clip (pin or needle) and find a hole in the right front side, which is a kind of keyhole.The internal mechanism will work for opening, as soon as you are working on a short pressing staples.By installing the card, slide the slot receiver.Now the question is how to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4", was the decision for you.

size mismatch slot, or why it is not there?

Do Iphone 3rd generation has changed the location of the slots for the SIM card.How to get a sim card from the "iPhone 4" if the right side only the buttons?This is achieved as follows.Simca of such phones is inserted from the top, next to the "on / off".It is worth noting that the SIM card itself is designed to service Iphone device must be micro-Sim format that is smaller in size.In a specialty store where you can buy everything for the "iPhone 4", you are sure to help "convert" the format of SIM cards.In principle, household scissors cope with this task on "hurray".If you are sure that you do and how neatly trim the edges of the card - the main care and attention to prevent damage to the electronic chip.Before you cut, clear the size of the recess in the tray for the SIM card, only then proceed.Good luck to you!