How to become a model: tips for beginners

glossy magazines today are almost the Bible of modern girls, who dream that their photographs ever will adorn the pages of these magazines here.Beauty sleep and wake up with only one question: "How to become a model?" But life - not a fairy tale, and wake up here and so just one morning of the famous few who can.If you aspire to become a model, you must begin to act and work on yourself now.

What you need to become a model: how important is appearance?

If your options are far from the notorious figure of 90-60-90, and the growth of less than 180 cm, do not despair.With regular features and some flavor, you might as well can become a successful model, if not of the "watchtower" that walks the runway shows and fashion outfits, and a model.After all, to be removed as a model, the growth is not so important, the main thing - it's the ease photogenic and, of course, professional make-up artist and photographer.

How to become a model: what else should have a girlfriend?

In addition external data in the start-up models are important good posture (which is 70% of success in his career) and correct, firm gait (the vast majority of the filming, often many hours, models wearing high heels).And, of course, without the personal qualities of a girl who dreams of becoming a model, can not do.She should have the work ethic, patience, willpower, stress, communication skills.

How to become a model girl, first steps

1. podyschu modeling school or agency, which at first will become your "guardian."

2. Do not spare the money, do studio portfolio from professional photographer.

3. Submit your resume with photo to the various thematic resources on the Internet.But do not rush to respond to the proposals that seem suspicious to you (for example, if you offer a few hours of night work is very large payment).

How to become a model: constant work on a

1. The swimming pool, fitness, aerobics or yoga, beauty salon, massages.Remember that at any time you can offer a profitable operation, which means you should, as a pioneer, always be prepared for it.

2. Self-confidence - not your assistant in this case.Treat people (whether employer, colleagues and rivals) friendly.Do not be jealous, do not retaliate, do not get angry - negative emotions are the first culprits fading beauty.In addition, the Model appreciated sense of humor and modesty.

3. Smoking, alcohol and drugs impair the health, spoil the complexion dramatically reduce performance.

4. Engage at leisure study of foreign languages ​​- often Russian model are popular with the European employers.Languages ​​- is a profitable addition to your resume.

5. Do not think that your appearance - this is important.Grow intellectually.Remember that model to "retire" has come in the area of ​​his 30th birthday.Think in advance about what you intend to do after.Marry?Become an actress or a TV presenter?In any case, you should be able to apply themselves to maintain conversations on a variety of topics, have their own opinion.

How to become a model: choose their roles

The model, as an actress, writer, singer and generally any creative person should have its own role.How to select it?Look at yourself, talk to friends, teachers, school models - in you is the strongest feature of which disadvantages for modeling career you have.So, today the whole fashion world has gone from the standards 90-60-90, although preference is still given very slim and slender girl.But remember that there are designers who make clothes for full - so too are required model.

If for some reason you do not qualify for the podium of work, you can try yourself as a model.It is also very much in demand today desks models showing only parts of the body, for example, in advertising of cosmetics, jewelry, tools for hair care and body, and so on. With a beautiful neck, long healthy hair, insanely attractive slender legs, you can alsosucceed as a model.Another direction of the modeling business - a glamor model, specialization which appear in half-naked or nude.This work is very difficult, both physically and morally, however, and highly paid.