How to take a loan to "Rostelecom" for 5 days

large company "Rostelecom" specializes in providing a variety of telecommunications services in many regions of Russia.The company's subscribers can take advantage of the Internet, interactive television, fixed and mobile communications.

can pay for the services of "Rostelecom" is carried out in many ways, for example, through the Savings Bank, the Post of Russia, terminals and offices.But what if it is currently not possible to make a payment?You have to wonder about how to borrow to "Rostelecom".Fortunately, the subscribers who use cell phones or home internet, have the opportunity to service "Promised payment".

How to borrow a mobile

If the balance went to zero, and to make a payment right now is not possible, then the subscriber is looking for an answer to the question: "How to take a loan to Rostelecom?".In fact it is very simple.It is enough to activate the "Trustee Payment".

consider the main ways to activate the service "Trustee payment»:

  • Using USSD-command * 122 * 1 #.The easiest way to activate the cell phone users - USSD-command.Just type it from the keyboard device and press the Call button.
  • With the personal account of the subscriber.Activation method is suitable for those who have access to the Internet, located on the company's website.After logging in your account you must enter the "Payment" and choose how to deposit via the promised payment, and then follow the system prompts.
  • contact your service help desk.The support center can help with the activation of any service, including the promised payment.Employees of the company will be required to inform the owner of the passport data SIM-card or code word, if it has been established at the time of conclusion of the contract.Number support center for all regions 8-800-1000800

After activating the service will receive SMS-confirmation message.

Terms promised payment for mobile communication

"Rostelecom" to borrow money is not allowing all subscribers.There are a few restrictions:

  • SIM-card must be issued to a natural person;
  • contract shall be no less than 4 months old;
  • not be arrears payment on trust for the past 30 days;
  • in one month can only be 2 times the confidence to take charge.

Before you borrow to "Rostelecom", must also be familiar with the following conditions:

  • promised payment does not act for more than 5 days;
  • activation services account is credited with $ 100, you can spend on communication services;
  • cost of each service connection 7 rubles.

How to borrow on the "Rostelecom" to pay Internet

advance payment subscribers access to the Internet may be at the beginning of the month to face a situation where because of the 0 balance no access to the network.To resume the provision of services need to update your account.If such a possibility at the customer is not, then the "Rostelecom" is ready to give him the promised payment.
Users can activate the Internet service promised payment in two ways:

  • using personal account of the subscriber;
  • contacting the help desk of the company.

Note that subscribers to the credit tariff plans trustee payment is not available.How do I know


In case of late payment for services or repayment promised payment on the account receivable arises, which must be repaid.But what to pay, we must first understand how to know the debt of "Rostelecom".

mobile subscribers can always check the status of account with the command * 102 #.But if the SIM-card is not used for a long time or need information about the debts of the other services, you will have to use other options.

way for you to learn receivable account in "Rostelecom":

  • Personal account.This service allows you to view all the information about the services, including the balance.
  • Contact Center.In a single inquiry services, calling passport information, you can get information about the interests of the service and the total debt on all accounts.
  • office.To visit any of the many offices you can always learn the presence and amount of debt.

Using these simple tips, anyone can easily get information about debt and, if necessary, to take confidence payment.