To learn how to recover files after format hard drive

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sometimes reformatting the hard drive - a very useful procedure.This is true for cases where all the data necessary to destroy the computer.But if you do it carelessly, it can happen catastrophe, after which usually ask the question of how to recover files after format.But I hasten to please you.If you do accidentally formatted your drive, or is it made a threat, it is possible, allows recovery of data on the disk.And you can do it yourself at home.To do this, you need file recovery program.

Before tell you about the possibility of restoring your files after formatting procedure, I would like to describe the process of cleaning the hard drive.It is high-level and low-level.

low-level formatting is performed during the creation of the disc at the factory.This markup is called the base, and it is created during the physical format.It was he who in the future will determine the location of your data.This type of format also creates a servo (overhead), and sets the positioning of the head in a hard disk.Among the users there is a common misconception, though third-party programs are able to carry out low-level format.Believe it not.Even the most "advanced" software will be able to have an impact only on the servo, but in any case not on the disc itself markup, which has been applied in the factory at the time of low-level formatting.

As for the high-level formatting, it is a process that creates the logical structures that are responsible for the safety of data on the hard drive.This type of marking is divided into a fast and complete.With the rapid version of the table layout of the file system disk partition is recorded "zeros".Thus, data is not physically removed but simply become invisible.When another record information will be overwritten.But when a full format is performed more and check the hard disk for problems.If they detect any problems are corrected whenever possible.Naturally, during this procedure is greatly increased.

How to recover files after format?Typically, hard drive formatting is happening fast way.This also applies to flash drives and portable hard drive.In this case, the files will be restored without any problems, if their place is not recorded new information.

But how to recover files after format complete way?It's all much more complicated.Here you can not do without the help of professionals who, in turn, will not give any guarantees, but will do everything possible.So be very careful when performing any manipulation of the data carriers, so you do not have to be nervous and waste your precious time.

Now you know how to restore files after format.Be careful.