"Celestine Prophecy" - the path to the future

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¬ęCelestine Prophecy" - a work by James Redfield.He tells the world how people will live in the third millennium.As there, but already there is suffering on our planet a new race, what it will be different from the existing one.

essence of the "Celestine Prophecy¬Ľ

esotericist divided into phases - periods - the process of reorientation of mankind on new values.The main thing that will happen at the very beginning - is the transition to a new level of human interaction with the world.If today we get energy from each other, forced to fight, even a fight with relatives for a piece of "life", then over time we learn how to get it from nature."Celestine Prophecy" describes a new model of communication between man and nature.Anyone who wants to can now try this circuit myself.To do this, you just need to get out into nature, to find a look that object which will make you a pleasant sensation (plant or animal, stone or water - it does not matter).Now we need to focus and try to feel the love of selected natural phenomena.When you feel unalloyed admiration, natural energy of the object will fill your being.Thus, as they say, "The Celestine Prophecy", we will get the vital forces of nature.No longer will need to select them from other human beings.

Where will this lead

Everyone will have a sufficient number of its own energy.Cease to exist lived for thousands of years in our society behaviors.There will be no need of fear and lies, manipulation, scandals and other events that cunning man used to get vitality.Everyone will be free in his delightful conversation and plans.He will do whatever your heart desires.People will no longer depend on each other!Now the basis of their communication will be a free choice, a desire to open another pass your thoughts and feelings.The obligations in this case and will cease to exist as a vestige, its obsolete.


this topic received much attention in the prediction."Celestine Prophecy" describe in detail the process of education-learning of the little man.The main thing - he must learn to take life force not from the parents (adults) and from nature.To do this, in the first years of life the baby needs to be constantly surrounded by love and care.One child - one adult - that model of education."Celestine Prophecy" suggests that in this way will be raised quite a different person, much different from the living.

What has come true

Esoterica believe that there is plenty of evidence that people now free to eat natural energy.In the world there are entire communities "Solntseedy."People have refused food and water, they live only light energy.Anyone can check for yourself, whether the principle of acting energy from nature.Basically, it is to this and call "Celestine Prophecy".Reviews labor is different.Basically readers perceive it as a fantastic product: it's fun, but it is very strange to the author.And those who try to live according to the following rules, keep quiet.And the company is no longer hear them, because these people terminated "perverse" energy ties with him, learn to get power from a different source.