How to walk with a newborn baby?

newborn child is required every day, at any time of year to visit for a walk, and in bad weather - just to breathe the fresh air on the balcony or under a canopy, lying in a stroller.

How and when to start walking with a newborn?

Daily walks are very useful for the mother and baby - they not only relieve fatigue and increase appetite, but also increase the amount of milk a mother, improves circulation and digestion, and the sun's rays are necessary in order to have the baby did not develop rickets.

In the warmer months, and with a healthy child can begin to walk on the second week after birth, first - for 15-20 minutes and then - increasing the duration of the walk up to 2 hours.It is desirable that the kid visit the open air 2-3 times a day.

And during the cold season (when the frost - no more than -10 degrees) you can start walking with a newborn in the third week, if the baby is healthy.First, the best way out for 10-15 minutes, and in the end, accustomed to the winter walks baby can be taken out for 1.5-2 hours.It is important to dress the child so that it warms, but was not wet with sweat.

If the baby - is weak or ill (with no heat and not very difficult), then walking is better to wait 3-4 weeks after birth.However, in this case, the only pediatrician can determine when and how much time you can walk with your child.In any case, it is worth regularly ventilate the room the child, even if he can not walk.

Premature babies also need regular walks, but this should be done cautiously.Infants up to 2 kg in weight in the first months bring to the street in the summer: first 15-20 minutes and then - bringing the walk up to 3-4 hours.However, such a child can not be kept in the sun.

winter, with premature babies do not walk until he would weigh 3-3.5 kg, and only if the street is not colder than -5 degrees.First walking should be 10-15 minutes and then - 45 minutes 2-3 times per day.However, if more severe frosts hit, instead of walking you need to stay at home - putting a child on the street, and open the window or the window.

While walking with a newborn need to watch closely, it is not hot or not cold there, his mood and behavior.If persistent manifestations of anxiety, crying loudly when the baby's face turns pale or turn blue, you should immediately return home.