Select shoes for your child: 7 Tips orthopedist

According to statistics, 98% of children are born with healthy feet, but only 40% of adults do not have the defects of the foot.How to choose shoes for the baby, so she benefited and joy, but it does not cause harm?We use the advice orthopedists.

1. Buy shoes in the presence of a child

Every child is different, so even if you know the exact size of the legs of your baby, it is better to try the shoes before buying: a particular style may just not "sit" on the leg.

2. Pick shoes size

To find out whether your child will like it just right, you can use special shoes stopomerom or pull out of the shoe insole and firmly attached to the child's foot.The length of the shoe should be 1-1.5 cm longer than the foot of the child: in hot weather you will need a "reserve" to the shoes do not sting leg in the case of edema;in cold weather, it is important that the space inside the shoe remains for warm air.

If one foot slightly longer than the other (which is often), you need to buy shoes based on the size of the longer foot.

Children's leg is growing rapidly, but the "safety" of 1-1.5 cm is sufficient.Acceptable buy shoes one size larger than necessary.Shoes, selected "for growth", can ruin walk child or lead to orthopedic disorders.

Not to be mistaken with the size, it is useful to consider features of physiology: buy baby shoes in the afternoon (when the foot is already slightly swells) and try on shoes is better standing (foot lengthened by 3-5 mm).

3. Shoes should be comfortable

quality children's shoes made of leather or thick textiles.Make sure that there is no inside seams and folds that will rub the child's leg.

sole of the shoes should be moderately stiff, but well-bend.In sandalikah or the shoes with stiff soles baby legs will tire quickly.

Side surfaces must be strong, but flexible to protect the child from the foot injury, but did not interfere with walking and running.

shoes fixed on the leg with the help of Velcro, zippers or laces.The best option for kids - Velcro, as it is easier just to button.

4. Shoes should take into account the peculiarities of children's feet

Gait baby who is just learning to walk, still undecided, so for the sake of safety and to avoid injuries, children's shoes should firmly keep the foot and ankle.

backdrop of shoes must be rigid and high - above or at least at the level of the ankle.

required the presence of a small heel - height from 5 to 10 mm.

Open slippers or sandals are allowed, according to podiatrists, only 8 years old - and only if the child has no orthopedic pathologies.Before that age, it is desirable that the fingers were closed - including to avoid injury, as children often stumble.

5. Shoes should be practical

Make sure that there are irregularities soled shoes - they will secure the child from slipping and falling.It is necessary that the insole absorbs moisture as the children's legs actively sweat when walking.

botinochek favorite Hold hands - it is not too heavy?If so, then buying it, you will create difficulties, especially yourself: the child will tire quickly and often ask for a hand.

6. Shoes must be new

quality children's shoes is not cheap, so many kids get it "inherited" - from older brothers and friends.Podiatrists are against this practice: alien shoes retains the shape of the foot of the former owner, therefore, may not be appropriate for your child;besides, bad shoes worn-foot locks.

7. Shoes should fit the situation

Many parents want their child to buy shoes with arch support.But orthopedists are reminded that the instep - this orthopedic product which is necessary for maintaining the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot and is used for flat feet, shin bone fractures or for the prevention of foot and flat feet in children older than 6 years.Prior to reaching this age is undesirable regularly wear shoes with arch support without appropriate recommendations orthopedist.Suffice it to repeated insole anatomical shape of the foot and the foot itself was secured.

If the child needs orthopedic shoes, it is necessary to buy in specialized stores and in view of the detailed recommendations watching a child orthopedist.

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