The term "banking system": at the turn of change

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Unfortunately, the concept of the Russian banking system by inertia continue to correlate with economies in transition.Not so simple.External stability, perhaps, there is only a two-level principle of its construction (licensed activities of commercial banks regulated by the Central Bank).The content of the system itself, including the activities of 112 of the largest systemic banks, now stands on the threshold of substantial reform.

Despite unfavorable forecasts for 2013 related to a decrease in lending volumes, actively developed a new strategy.Therefore, the notion of "banking system" today is not static.Will change its tools.The transition model has exhausted itself.The banking system as a component of the national economy, went on line to stabilize the economy.This refers to the official statement of the country's achievements in the first half of 2007, the economic level of 1990

At this stage it becomes a missionary giving liquidity throughout the industrial sector.The need to transform the concept and elements of the banking system is obvious.Capital investment in innovative technologies are integral to the social mission of the bank.It is encouraging that practical steps in this direction have already been made.Overcoming the "vicious circle" of rigid monetary approaches, domestic production constraints, change monetary policy.The notion of "banking system" will soon be changed by a new mechanism of "core rate" component of 5.5% today.For comparison, the current rate refinansirovniya - 8.25%.Mechanisms of interaction with the new rate of the national economy are being developed.

At the same time we are witnessing the "deliberizatsii" t. E. Increasing government involvement in the banking sector.Evidence of this - the emergence of municipal banks.

possible to guide the development of the domestic banking system can serve as China's banking sector.It brings us together to this model like the quota of state-controlled bank capital - about 60%.The meaning is obvious.In order to overcome the crisis of the economy lagging demand experience easing of interest rates, reduce the price of credits, "soft" control money supply.China eloquent results: the rate of growth to 2006 - 9.5%, and even now, during the global crisis, "sky-high" for Western businesses - 8%.Modernized the concept of "banking system" of our eastern neighbor is based on two principles.Firstly, clearly defined and designated public sector banking system.It is based on four state-owned banks (Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank).Second, the "market" of its components, is not "built on the ruins of" public and harmony created in addition to the first.Also deserves attention is not "breakthrough", and evolutionary empowerment of market institutions.

is significant that at present the Russian central bank begins to denote the constructive position of the state with respect to the export of Russian capital.

Announces need for transparent and clear debug currency regulation.One has only to recall "suddenly noticed" outgoing Sergei Ignatyev illegal capital outflows last year amounting to 48-49 bln. Dollars.Twice the amount (estimated to law enforcement officers and Interpol) carries "price" outflow schemes export-import!

more and more attention is drawn to the activities of the "daughters" of foreign banks.The revival of consumer credit in the past year - their element.The quota of foreign capital at a favorable conjuncture increased in April 2012, up to 31%!

fact that "foreign banks" to help the state, serving the circulation of money, no doubt.However, today's "daughter" quite transparently are net borrowers of the Russian market, to solve the problem of "breed" of their parent Western structures, stimulating the outflow of capital by lending to non-residents.As we see, the notion of "banking system" is distorted by this outflow.

All of the above factors "flight" of capital is officially announced, of course, was not in vain.It is obvious that with the end of the transitional phase and the formation of the major players in a "time has come" seriously address this gap.However, we all know that it has given rise to this negativity.Artificially made "with a heavy hand" of the Navy changes to the federal law on currency regulation actually opened the door to our market to currency speculators and untied the hands of criminal capital.

Concluding, we note that the company has high hopes for the reform of the domestic banking system.