The Russian practice of outsourcing

In the modern Russian market there are different situations.Often companies transmit non-core functions outsourcers almost completely.Sometimes even reduced to zero the need to use such services as outsourcing it .

There are a number of circumstances when developing its own department and can be quite a good solution for the company.For example, when bad lined own processes, and managers have a fairly high qualifications.Then just need to raise the level of their own experts.However, in such cases, there are additional expenses for the development of this department.In fact, he becomes yet another company within the core business.Not everyone will be willing to put up with this situation.

In most cases, the leaders of today prefer to create combinations - some projects operate independently, for individual functions and features is IT outsourcing contract. example, modern banks are the work of their own departments when it comes to providing customers with the latest technological solutions, such as mobile and remote services.But in some areas, without third-party performers can not do even such companies.Thus, it is not necessary separately to hire and train staff to solve a specific problem or issue.Suffice it to benefit from the experience and expertise of an IT company, which is usually quite high.

One of the most common models in our market is a fixed cost.In this model, even before the work is strictly determined by their volume, as well as the final price.Technical and organizational risks associated with this, completely switching to contractors.This model is bad because it does not account for problems that may arise due to objective reasons, neither of whom is independent.

Distributed as a model of actual payment of labor costs.It has no fixed value.Payment is made depending on how much work a person actually performed.Bids professionals artist and the time spent on the project are the main parameters in this case.So here it is assumed that a certain flexibility of action.This flexibility can stick to both sides.Work may be rescheduled at any time if there are the same contingency.This approach has except that the only drawback - performers lack the motivation to complete projects in the shortest possible time.