How to sew the letters of fabric: a master class

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you are looking for original solutions to design the house?Letters - unusual interior decoration.They are made of different materials: wood, cardboard, papier-mâché, plaster and salt dough.There are flat and three-dimensional model.Explore our workshop, you will learn how to sew their own hands large letters made of cloth.

What can be used?

  • Letters can be put on the shelf, hang on the wall, put on the floor, even if their size allows.Apply individual characters and whole words, such as "love", "family", "children", "joy", "happiness", as well as names.
  • element of decor for decorating wedding.For example, a very nice and romantic to see the photo where the couple kept together word «LOVE» or "Love".
  • as a pillow.If you make big soft cotton letters for all to be useful, and surprise her husband and child, and my mother-in-law.Letters from the tissue will keep the warmth of your hands and bring good luck to the owner.
  • how to develop a toy for the youngest children.Kids like toys that are a pleasure to hold in the handles and carry.Sew just letters of the name, and then the whole alphabet.The child grows up and would be happy to put syllables and whole words.

you like the idea?Then we get to work fashioned letters of fabric.The master class consists of several steps.

materials you will need for the manufacture of thick cardboard template.

Attention, important point: get great sharp scissors for cutting fabric.Otherwise, you will not be able to cut material quickly get tired and quit his job.

How to choose a soft cloth letters?

material can take anyone on your taste and imagination.It all depends on the purpose of the letter:

  • suitable for children's toys cotton, linen, knitwear, it is easy to wash and do not lose shape, if it is constantly kneading.Experienced seamstresses advised to use American cotton.Good looks thick flannel cloth, knitwear.
  • for interior letters take a thick cloth: drape, velvet, felt, plush, velor.
  • If the letters are small, you can use scraps of different materials which are at any masters.

Perhaps list the general requirements for the material.Take a monochromatic fabric or with a small figure.Although with a large pattern can turn out interesting design.Do not use a translucent material - while stuffing toys can see everything.

fabric should have a tight weave to Pillow accurate.In addition, it does not take the material that pours heavily on cuts.Too smooth fabric is also not fit.If you are a novice in such a case, it will slip into the hands and prevent neatly sew.

Finally, if the fabric is very soft, highly stretches (eg, jersey), need lining of thick fabric (nonwoven).It is glued with a hot iron to detail.

We're a little distracted on the theory, and now go to practice.

What more need extra to sew letters of fabric with your hands?

  • marker for the manufacture of templates.You can take any bright highlighter or pen.
  • pins slaughtering tissue.
  • centimeters.
  • soft pencil, crayon or a special remnant for cutting.

How to choose the material for printing?

Usually soft decorative items using different materials.If you sew a child's toy or letter-pillow for sleeping, the choice of filler is very important.

Fillers are of two types: natural and artificial.Let's start with the natural stuffing:

  • Vata - is not suitable for filling toys.First, washing with filler impossible.Wool gets wet and loses its shape when dried and cured.The wool can settle mold, if the toy falls in a moist environment.
  • Wool - good filling, soft and light.Sold in stores, the toy can be washed at low temperatures (hand washing).But he has one big disadvantage: if your child is allergic to wool (or an adult member of the family), the toy will be hazardous to health.
  • Herbs - filler has a therapeutic effect: soothes, relieves headaches.A well-chosen collection solve the problem of insomnia, relieve unnecessary anxiety and crying of the baby.Letters from the tissue with a pad of herbs have a pleasant aroma.Cons: Herb needed to sew a single bag made of thick fabric and then fill their product.Wash the product impossible.
  • cereals - peas, buckwheat, beans, seeds, and others-developing fine motor skills in children.The product can not be washed.The filler should be calcined prior to use in the oven, so as not to wound the bug.Before packing cereals are placed in a bag made of cotton fabric.

Synthetic fillers:

  • Foam - sold in DIY stores.Easy gives toy desired rigidity and stability.With him well to make big letters for interior decoration.It can be washed.
  • Sintepon - a modern lightweight material, volume, holds its shape well.The most popular among the masters.Safe for kids.
  • Hollofayber - soft synthetic material in the form of beads.Used for manufacturing pillows.Hypoallergenic, withstands even high temperatures.
  • Sintepuh - syntepon variety, but more soft and light.Also hypoallergenic and well washed.He is well fills the entire piece, leaves no empty seats.

You have to ask questions about how to make letters out of fabric?Wait still need to prepare some tools and materials.

Additional materials and tools

still a few things that will help you quickly and beautifully to make large letters:

  1. kantselyarky knife - to cut the inner holes in the letters.You can do without it, if the scissors sharp enough.
  2. threads in the fabric color.
  3. Needles for hand sewing.You can sew on a sewing machine, but small letters is easy to sew by hand.

In this master class, we show a variant with manual embroidery.

Prepare your workplace, lay all the materials and tools, set up good lighting - and forward, start to create.How to make a letter of fabric?We will act on the individual steps.

So the first step - making a template

you do not know where to get the templates?Draw yourself.In the end, it needs only to know the alphabet.Here for example, the letter "H".

You can print the letter on the printer.If you do not have a printer, do not worry.The letter can be redrawn directly from the computer screen.Who draws well, can easily draw a letter on the board.

If you want to change the size of the letters, it is easy to make in the program Word.Select the image and right-click.In the context menu, select "Format Picture" and then "size".

How to make further advises letters of fabric a master class?We translate the letter on the cardboard and cut out.Obtained here are blank.

To make large letters of fabric, patterns require good quality: letters should be large without small parts.Otherwise it will be difficult to sew and fill parts filler.

second step - translation of the letters on the cloth fabric

need to prepare: pat and fold the face inward.Spread the letters and draw out a pencil, leaving 0.8-1 cm allowance. It is necessary to note that the letters in the holes do not need to leave allowance.In this case there is no internal holes.

translate templates for letters can be a pencil, a pen, a special marker.He disappeared without a trace with a tissue when you cutting parts.If the material is dark, use a shallow cutting or just a small piece of soap.Soap is also well-washed and washed off the tissue in the first wash.

Cut letters.The holes can be carefully cut small sharp scissors.

third step - cut out the side panels

Pattern letters of fabric consists of three parts.Our letters must obtain the volume, so we need the side panels.

Take the blank out of the fabric and measure our line of all parties letter.

sum of all the lengths of the sides is equal to the perimeter.Be sure to measure the inner holes, too.Patterns of volumetric letters fabric made separately for each letter.

One important point: if you sew on a typewriter, when cutting is required to consider the direction of equity thread.Otherwise, on the fabric will bias, and the letter will turn ugly.

For example, we've got 68 cm. Cut out of fabric strip width of about 3 - 3.5 cm and a length of 68 cm. Pattern volumetric letters of fabric ready.

fourth step - sew a side item to the main part

At this stage of the manufacture of the letter appreciate your patience and accuracy.Take one basic piece letters and sew it to the side panels.Take your time, carefully sew a strip around the contour of the letters.Then obsheyte inner holes, observing all the rules.It is necessary to pay attention to the angles: be sure to make a few extra stitches to happen to the remaining holes.

This is what happens.

fifth step - sew a second major item

Now to the side panel along the contour sew the second part of the letter.That's now happened with us.

Not too tight, tighten the stitches to the letter has not turned gnarled.Last stitch needs to be fixed to a thread accidentally blossomed.Our gut-wrenching blank letters on the front side.If the toy is difficult to turn out, you can use the blunt end scissors or a spoon.

sixth step - fills our letter filled

Well done, great job.The letter is almost ready.It remains to fill the filler and carefully sew.Since it is difficult to fill the hands letter packing, you can use the materials at hand, such as a spoon.

can congratulate you, now you can easily sew letters of fabric by hand.

And now a bit of fun.

Who invented the use of letters in the interior?

Do you know where it came from fashion to decorate the interior of the letters and words?We'll tell you.

More than half a century ago in the West, artists began to get involved in a fashionable trend in art called Pop Art.Artists in the products used unusually decorated words, letters, slogans, to better convey the meaning of the painting.Actively used the genre of comics

most famous artists of areas: Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.Gradually craze liked designers and sculptors.

Robert Indiana created a sculpture of the words «LOVE».The monument stands in New York and attracted crowds of tourists.

Today you can see the letters on the wallpaper, curtains, carpets and even furniture.

Ingo Mauer, a specialist in lighting design, has created a chandelier, adorned with a note written in uneven handwriting.It looks unusual and very romantic.

In Holland, designers have come up with the furniture in the form of letters.She is in great demand, especially for arranging children's rooms.Letters from the tissue volume produced in the form of pillows, jewelry.

Use labels and letters for decoration can be almost any style.Of course, first of all the letters are relevant to the children's room.They help early child development.

must say that the letters in the interior and adults enjoy.If the room is decorated in a minimalist style, the inscription will be a bright detail in the room and enliven the interior.

Our workshop is over.I hope you have been helpful this article.Maybe you already sewed a cool thing and feel like a real skilled worker.If you do not - do not worry, try again.Over time, you have built up the necessary skills and become a true professional.And, perhaps, come up with your own master class, how to sew the letters from the tissue.