How to Fenichka of floss: weaving scheme

Surely almost every needlewoman at least once in all my life did attempt to weave Fenech.The story of their origin is deeply rooted in the past century.Originally these ornaments were given each other a sign of indestructible friendship.Bracelet winner of the thread had to carry it "to the bitter end", that is, until he breaks.The implication was that if the owner will remove the donated jewelry yourself, friendship stops.After darivshy bracelet tried so hard and so much effort put into its creation.

After this came to mean Baubles attract good luck.Man wearing a string on the wrist, guarded by fate.Also, every shade of the tape had its miraculous properties.Threads Reds were to raise money and increase income, and White gave good luck and success.


In our modern time like filament bracelets have become quite common and fashionable.When weaving accessories their color has little or no value, they are often used for decorating and creating exclusive image rather than to attract a particular success.Buy Fennec are possible anywhere.But sometimes you want to plunge into the past, to succumb to nostalgia and to make their own jewelry.

Now there are plenty of shops selling all the products required for this kind of needlework.Baubles weave floss and knitting yarn, is added to the composition of beads and beads, as well as use various symbolic decorations made of metal and plastic.


So you've got all you need to get started, choose the most free time is dominated by good spirits.Take perfect for your posture and follow the subsequent instructions.Creating this type of bracelet does not tolerate haste, you should be as relaxed and cheerful.It maturing the most important, perhaps, the question: "How do Fenichka of floss?"

double weaving floss

to create similar accessories you'll need a couple of threads of different colors.There is no doubt that this is the simplest Fenichka of floss, rest contain two or more threads of differing shades.Sit back and prepare their instruments for work.

The first question that you have a "How to start Fenichka of floss?"Take the ends of the strips and bind them together.

  • thread the first color bend so as to form a loop.
  • second fold similarly.Now, one thread is threaded into the other.
  • over tighten the noose, which was the second threaded thread.
  • As already described the principle of operation of the loop add up and tighten the strap is threaded into its already created hole.
  • Similarly, the pull of the free edge and fix.
  • Do the same, repetitive actions, one by one.
  • Fenichka Scourge of thread sewing until you get the desired length.
  • As a result, your eyes will begin to form a beautiful braid.

Nobody guarantees that get good results the first time.You will need repeated training before knit Fenichka of floss you can nicely and quickly.Have patience.

So, you have done the necessary length of the spit, the next question is: "How to fix Fenichka of floss?"To fix the result directly on the hand, you'll need some tools, depending on the choice of wearing styles.

In ancient times all woven bracelets hand fixed on the owner directly to the author of the work, which gave them even greater power and importance.To repeat this method you do not need additional skills and dexterity.Just put on a hand made Fennec man flip and tie a tight knot the threads.Done!

Nowadays, quite common steel, special metal and plastic clips.They can also be bought in stores for needlework.They look more aesthetically pleasing and help from time to time to remove the bracelet.Just attach them to the already braided pigtails, follow the instructions - and ready Fennec is already at your disposal!

Knitting yarn

How to Fenichka of floss, of course.Usually it means for the embroidery are the main tool for weaving.But in spite of this, it may be more original.So how to tie Fenichka?From floss bracelets are more subtle and tidy.The structure of the accessories of the yarn for knitting a few coarser and thicker.

If you own management technique with needles, then this method will help you easier.Type of tools for knitting loops as long as necessary for the thickness of the bracelet.The first step is to consider the size and thickness of the spokes thread.Better to choose acrylic materials as wool will look pretty rough on the female wrist.

  • After selecting the number of loops you can start knitting.
  • Choice pattern can be quite varied.Then rely on your imagination and skill.You might want to have a smooth flat bracelet, or perhaps will attach some design flair, adding to the structure of weaving braids and bumps.

For handy people who know how to knit, it's pretty simple Fenichka.From floss to weave them more complicated.Complete braiding and secure accessory is possible by means of binding threads, or the acquisition of special clips.

It is worth recalling that the accessory of knitting yarns, in spite of their thickness and roughness, is somewhat less robust structure than Fenichka thread of floss.Schemes care data products are also different.You can not stretch and expose the effects of power enhancement of the yarns for knitting, it can simply break.Undesirable like Fennec wet and washed, they can be quite noticeable decrease in the amount and you will be slim.

triple weaving floss

How to Fenichka of floss, probably already knew.Simple bracelets of the two components is easy to weave.But what if you want to make the accessory of the three tapes?The following description will triple Fenichka of thread floss.Schemes her weaving pretty simple, but like any other, requires some skill.

  • Take three strands of different colors and fix them.The method, which describes how to weave Baubles of floss two threads are not suitable for three.In a double-weaving tools and keep the work in hand.Three strands is difficult to weave so.So you need to be a common pin or paper clip.
  • Fasten the end of the strong and secure it on the book or similar flat surface.So create a bracelet you will be much easier.
  • Weave will go on the principle of creating a spit.Surely every girl at least once in his life had to deal with braids, so do not be too hard to create such a Fennec.
  • Take a right hand thread and put it on the next, which is to the left.Next, take the far left and apply it to the next, which is to the right.
  • thus gradually intertwine all the strings.

Based on the descriptions, you must understand how to braid Fenichka of floss.The length of the work generated is selected according to the size of the hands of the future owner.

How to Tie Fenichka of sewing stipulated above.It does not matter how many threads is in operation, the principle of the end of the braid is no different.If you selected floss ligation, the each end of the thread is associated with symmetric thread start it.In this perpendicular bracelet series of neat turns solid nodules, which in itself is decorated with additional work.

complex weaving

How to Fenichka of floss with simple wicker, you know, but there are more sophisticated ways of working.This bracelets are more original and interesting.To create them, you need to take on the two strands of three different colors.

  • Secure work on a flat surface and a small braid braid of three ribbons.When the yarns of each color must be woven with analogous thereto.Then begins the work itself.
  • Here you need to be as attentive and carefully follow all directions and instructions.
  • Take the thread to the left and make it a pair of nodules on the right tape.Then you take the same working rope and tie a knot in the two thread that comes next.
  • Thus, you should have a diagonal row units with a slope to the right.Dopletya latest extreme right job, proceed to the next to the left.
  • as described above is able to create knots the next color.Before gossip Fenichka of sewing patience.This work does not tolerate haste and carelessness, otherwise you run the risk of not quite what you want.All the nodes must be created equal size on one and the same distance apart.This accuracy is the key to a good and beautiful work.

Secured this Fennec similar to the previous one.Particularly well suited to her method of tying thread, because in itself it consists of many knots, once a number becomes invisible, and you get a perfectly inscribed in the beginning of the end of the work.


If you want to work on your present unusual stones or beads, it makes sense to take care of their acquisition.It would be better if you draw a rough view of the future of the bracelet.This will help you distribute the accessories across the work and create a harmonious masterpiece.

woven into a variety of decorations can be in any scheme of creating Fennec.Except perhaps that they are knitted bracelets.When the needles is difficult to add to the structure of the fabric beads and glass beads.But if you really want, you can decorate an accessory after the completion of knitting.

"How do Baubles of thread floss with the addition of accessories?"- A simple question.Another kind of weaving the thread, pull it necessary bead.Doing so whenever required by the design.Finally, secure the bracelet as the situation requires.

Bracelets Leather

most popular in this season got Baubles of leather materials.Sometimes it can be an ordinary piece of natural material woven into the structure of Fennec.Also similar accessories can be woven of segments.The principle of creation is the same as described above.

fixation method is to choose by means of special clips and fasteners.Leather - by itself a pretty rough stuff, and related components at the junction of the beginning and the end will look quite casually.Although, if required by the style, and you can try this option.

How to choose material for

How to weave Baubles of floss, you have already found out, and here is how to prepare?In order to make your creation to get the most beautiful and original, you will need quite a responsible approach to the choice of instruments used.Take care of the necessary accessories in advance, so as not to run into a problem when the most inopportune moment ends with the required form of beads or not desired tone beads.

thread floss must be of good quality, their density and thickness must be chosen according to the selected design of the bracelet.If you are weaves of knitting yarn, choose mainly acrylic and nepushistye skeins.Needles should be ideally suited for the thickness of the yarn.

purchased in advance and fixing locks for bracelets.Of course, you can record all Fennec thread, but the design of some of them are simply obliged to use metal clips.

Pros independent weaving

Manufacturing baubles - quite a pleasant and exciting experience.After creating his own hands accessory for the publication, you get a lot of pleasure from it.It is also worth mentioning that you spend a minimum amount of money on the job.Baubles purchased in stores will cost you many times more expensive.

bracelet, made on its own, would be a perfect gift for any occasion is almost for everyone.Wear these decorations can both men and women, both children and adults more.One has only to choose the right style and design.

Perhaps if you uvleketes like a hobby, it will bring you a constant steady income as handmade quite highly valued.To start weave a few accessories for themselves and their loved ones, and then will understand, is whether your soul to this kind of work.If you like this work, you can put your design and exclusive works for sale.After all, what did you do, do not repeat exactly no one and experienced master.Author's works are highly paid in the future, and every day is becoming increasingly popular.Your friends and relatives will be given as a gift accessory to show off before his friends, and they, in turn, of course, want to buy such a beauty.That is working principle of advertising.

In conclusion

course, every girl is distinguished by its beauty and originality.How to Fenichka of sewing know will not hurt anyone, because this art never goes out of fashion.These ornaments are perfect for festive evening, and for everyday use.Try to complement your image wicker exclusive models, and you'll always be in the spotlight.