Dream Interpretation: skirt long, short, new, white, black, red

skirt - it's part of the female wardrobe, and therefore symbolizes all that is connected with the sensual side of life.First of all, seen in a dream skirt means any loving relationship, perhaps flirting.In addition, it is a symbol and image of women.It is no coincidence as there are many proverbs characterizing women's reputation, which featured this piece of clothing.Although, it should be noted that the skirt often appears in men's and children's dreams.To understand what portends seen, not enough to simply open any dream book.The skirt, which I saw in a dream, has many meanings, so for accurate interpretation would have to remember as many details of sleep.

What dream short skirt

dreamed that wearing a short skirt, and are interested in what it says, dream interpretation?The skirt is short in most sources is undisciplined behavior in real life.If the length of the skirt, worn on you in a dream, is that only covers the buttocks, which means that in reality you aspire to some kind of forbidden love or want to have many love affairs.Also, a short skirt can mean that a woman is too close to let a Statement of a man, which should not have done.In addition, the meaning of the vision dream book interprets as evidence that in the event of a difficult situation will not wait for help from anyone.

dream interpretation, depending on the length of the clothes

That speaks to the length of the skirt dream interpretation?Skirt Long considered a symbol of restraint and characterized by the fair sex, who are accustomed to hide their true desires under the guise of modesty.

Some downers length skirt interpreted as a degree of protection of its owner against possible adversities.If the woman saw herself in the clothes, reaching to toe, which provides an explanation of dream interpretation?Skirt length is explained by the presence of the fair sex in the face of the support of loved ones.In addition, the interpretation of sleep you need to pay attention not only to the length of the skirt, but also on its color and the circumstances in which there was this thing.

What dream skirt red

you dream that you are wearing clothes the color of blood, and you want to know what this says about the dream book?Red skirt, which I saw in a dream, can have completely different interpretations.Sometimes there are even completely opposite interpretation of dreams.

explore the most popular interpretation of the dream of the red skirt, there are several basic interpretations:

• upcoming joy;

• a love affair, a pleasant acquaintance, flirting;

• sudden, but short-lived passion.

value of a black skirt in a dream

If you dream you black skirt, dream interpretation explains this vision coming sorrow.

Also, if in real life, are you afraid of yourself in something to confess and had a dream, which featured this piece wardrobe, then you just need to look into the dream book.Skirt black in this case means that you are trying to deceive themselves, killing innermost thoughts and desires.

Why dream a new skirt

Interpretation of sleep depends on the circumstances in which you see the skirt.What significance attaches to purchase new items dream interpretation?The skirt is new, purchased in a dream, is in reality a fight with a good friend.If you dream try on a skirt in the store and it will fit you, and the house is small, it means that you overestimate your strength, and soon you can expect to be disappointed.When a girl dreams that she is trying on a new skirt and admires a front of a mirror, in the near future she will be an easy, carefree, cheerful life.But to remove her skirt, in contrast, it symbolizes the beginning of the problems.

If you buy your favorite skirt in real life, you will have the money that can be spent only on their fun.Perhaps life will be rich fan who will you patronize a long time.

According Dream Book Aesop's new skirt indicates that it's your time, you will definitely begin to take in all spheres of life and desires as if by magic, will be fulfilled.There are also

downers, who believe that such a vision can mean finding detractors and enemies.

seen in a dream a new skirt for a married woman may mean that it is necessary to focus on creating comfort and devote more time to her husband and children, because they do not have her attention and care.

Also, sleep may mean that your life must take place some important events that will leave unforgettable memories.The most common for both men and women dream symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship.Although it is likely that the dream does not mean anything, but is simply a reflection of the desire of women to do shopping.

if the dream of a white skirt

White color - a symbol of purity and innocence.It heralds a joy, says the dream book.The white skirt, dreamed of the fair half of mankind, also promises to happy moments.Dream book, in which are based on Chinese philosophy, on the contrary, think white skirt symbol of diseases and problems.For example, if a woman is a vision of white skirt, dream book warns that soon colleagues or friends a man who saw the dream, it will impose some business.In addition, white skirt may have a neutral value, promising to receipt of the letter.

If skirt dream man

The most common interpretation of the dream of the woman's skirt for men - a desire to have in real life as much as possible women.Moreover, many downers equate manner skirt and a woman, in other words, when men dream of a skirt, which means that he dreams of the fair sex.For single men to dream skirt is a quick marriage.A married man is a dream warns of impending quarrel with his wife, and that soon he may be subjected to defamation related to the probability of changing his wife.

Modern dream books interpret such dreams as soon as the emergence of new fans in your life.A man who had a dream skirt, dream interpretation Wanderer promises indispensable shame.

If the man in the visions of the night he decided to try a skirt, it speaks of his inner anguish, which prevents to achieve success in life.Others dream books say that a man who wears a skirt in her sleep, dreaming for a while to become a woman.For example, this view held by Freud.

What else can mean the skirt in a dream?

very bad if seen in a dream skirt, regardless of color and style, dirty and torn.This is an indication that a woman is very difficult to get rid of slander and libel.In addition, others can find out about your past sins, whereby it is very difficult to restore the lost reputation.Also, sleep may warn that soon you may find yourself in the company of people not of his circle.Among other things, torn skirt may mean that a loved one is cheating on you.

Sew skirt means that you are driving too secluded life, and do not trust the people around you.It is necessary to reconsider their attitude to life and become more open to the world.

dream in which she sees herself without a skirt, heralds the imminent misfortune and promises widowhood.In addition, some downers believe this vision a sign that she will disgrace herself some indiscretions.

If you dreamed of a perfectly ordinary skirt, dream interpretation you will certainly appreciate, as such vision promises an unmarried girl a good husband who will organize it in every sense.

dreamed in colorful gypsy skirts rustling means that in life you give in to some temptation, and if you do not abandon this, soon followed by the inevitable retribution.

culottes can dream is not defined in the girl's life, which is not able to decide what she should take place in society.If an unmarried woman trying on a piece of clothing, then in reality it can get acquainted with the man, and perhaps getting married soon.

If you dream you pet skirt, then in life you have to make unwanted concessions.As for washing, she said about the upcoming disease.

see yourself in a beautiful skirt is the envy of friends and attention from males.

value skirt in children's dreams

Kids often dream about the subject of women's wardrobe.What does a child dreamed skirt?Dream book intended for children, promises a quick meeting with a man who for some reason is very interested in the baby.

Whatever foreshadowed dream, we have to live all the same in real life, not getting stuck in night dreams, taking them only as a council.