Colin Farrell: filmography, photo.

charismatic rebel and one of the most beautiful people on Earth (according to the magazine People), Colin Farrell was a long way from troubled teen to a famous Hollywood actor.

rebellious youth actor

Farrell was born in Ireland.His father played professional football, was a housewife and mother of four children.In the footsteps of parents, Colin did not go.He did not like to study and preferred to skip schoolwork for more exciting break away.With friends he hung out in bars and dabbled in marijuana.This behavior led to a logical end - Farrell got into a fight with a teacher, and was expelled from school.He did not lose heart, and went as far away from Ireland - to Australia.

correct choice

a year back home still had.Obstinate Colin made the best choice in my life - he agreed to offer his brother to study acting.However, the period of obedience did not last long.Strongly desiring to learn, Colin Farrell (photo with him this period can be seen below) gave up an acting school.But in the movie, he still was.In 1996 he made his debut in the film "The Disappearance of Finbar."What to say?The actor was not lucky like many of his colleagues, to express themselves directly to the world.The first role was so small that even did not appear in the credits.

meeting Happy

working for some time in the advertising business, Colin Farrell takes part in a theatrical production.And here it was waiting for the fateful meeting.Kevin Spacey saw the novice actor, and paid him the attention of the producers of her film, thinking that he is talented enough.

In 1999 Colin Farrell took part in the filming of "The War Zone."This is the first serious role actor in the movie, though a breakthrough for him, he did not.

In 2000, he was invited to the role of the gangster picture of Alec in Kevin Spacey "Ordinary Decent Criminal", but here it was waiting for a failure - the film failed miserably at the box office.

At the same time it is removed at home in the TV series and other pictures with his participation - "Tigerland" and "American Heroes" actor to bring the long-awaited critical acclaim and several awards.After this, Colin Farrell, films which began to enjoy increasing success with viewers, began his ascent to world fame.The following roles proved his undoubted talent.

Colin Farrell: Filmography

2002 - this time the actor began a successful career.It was withdrawn in two films that have received high praise from the critics - "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg and "Phone Booth" Schumacher.Then actor's career has gone on rising.2003 - work once in five large-scale projects with well-known Hollywood actors.Its partners are Al Pacino and Ben Affleck.Films with the participation of Colin Farrell ¬ęSWATSWAT, "" Daredevil "," Break "and" The Recruit "a successful start at the box office.Do not take long and awards, including the Academy of Irish cinema.

next year was a triumph.Colin Farrell, films which more liked by critics and audiences, starred in the historical film "Alexander."Oliver Stone, the film's director, has invested in its creation of a huge sum in those times and invited to attend the best actors in Hollywood.The composition of the "Alexander" has turned out, without exaggeration, a star.

But the audience went to the historical film, full, as they thought, fights and battles, and Stone asked them deep psychological tape about the life and soul of the young king throws.The battle scenes in the film, too, was negligible - the famous battle of Gaugamela Darius and the battle with the Indian army on the river Hydaspes.Neither critics nor the audience did not appreciate the drama of King Alexander.American rental brought a total of 34 million dollars.This was the resounding failure of the film.Spectators other countries now evaluated more favorably, and the cost it nearly paid off.And Colin Farrell, whose filmography supplemented by another famous band, began shooting in the following historical picture - "New World".

In 2006, the actor starred in a sensational blockbuster "Miami Vice.Department of manners ", which had great success in worldwide box office.

interesting picture, which took part in the 2010 Colin Farrell - "The Bodyguard."This debut as a director known Hollywood screenwriter William Monahan.The film is characterized by hard scenes of violence.Farrell's work, done at the highest level, marked as mere spectators and critics.

best roles

film starring Colin Farrell - is a guarantee that the viewer get bored just do not have.Charismatic actor is incredible.When he appears on the screen, like the other characters disappear, so masterful actor can grab the attention of viewers.

One of his best roles, despite the failure of the paintings in the American box office, is he created the image of Alexander the Great.Farrell played convincingly and truthfully great conqueror, lay on the set until the end.

role of bandit Mitchell's "The Bodyguard" - another great work of the actor.The duo Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley to be very successful.

very interesting was his participation in the horror film with elements of comedy "Fright Night", where he played endlessly charming vampire.

appeared that Colin Farrell and copes with comedy roles.He once again proved it in the film "Horrible Bosses."

Among recent works actor worth mentioning the role of Douglas Quaid in the remake of "Total Recall."

Life Colin Farrell

with her actor is not so smooth as in a career.In 2001, his wife was Amelia Warner.The marriage lasted only four months, after which the couple officially divorced.Since then, Farrell sports a bachelor status and marry again expresses the desire not.

actor two children - the eldest son of James Kim Bordeneyv models and the younger Henry, who bore him a Polish actress Alicja Bachleda.

His children Colin Farrell likes to constantly communicate with them.James was diagnosed with a rare genetic anomaly - Angelman Syndrome.It leads to mental retardation, seizures, sleep disorders, chaotic movements of the hand.The disease is strongly influenced by the eldest son of an actor and changed his outlook on life.In one interview he said that he began to pay attention to many things that previously were invisible to him.

Colin Farrell is hardly an ideal father, but the paparazzi quite often see him strolling with kids.He said that he will always be with them, and fulfills its promise.

new role

In 2014, the actor starred in two films: fantasy "Winter's Tale" and the drama "Freken Julia."In 2015 he announced in two scenes.

Colin Farrell - a promising actor, all facets of the talent which has not yet been disclosed.He has something to strive for.Although he says that Hollywood does not make much of an impression on him, as his best all the same related to the dream factory.The award "Golden Globe" it already has, it's only there for the "Oscar".