The image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls" (table).

In this article, we describe an image created by Gogol landlords in the poem "Dead Souls".Table compiled by us, can help you remember information.We consistently tell you about the Five Heroes, presented by the author in this work.

image landowners in the poem "Dead Souls" by Nikolai Gogol briefly described in the following table.

landowner Feature to the request for the sale of dead souls
Manilow vulgar and empty.

two years lies in his office book with a bookmark on the same page.Sugary and sugary his speech.

surprised.He thinks that it is illegal, but can not refuse such a nice person.He gives free peasants.It does not know how much he has a shower.


knows the value of money, practical and economic.The mean, stupid, dubinnogolovaya, landowner-nakopitelnitsa.

wants to know what the soul Chichikov.Number of deaths knows exactly (18 people).He looks at the dead souls as hemp or lard: suddenly come in handy on the farm.


considered a good friend, but a friend is always ready to play a prank.A rake, a player card, "sprightly fellow."Talking, constantly jumps from subject to subject, using foul language.

This landlord seemingly easiest to Chichikov get them, but he is the only one who left him with nothing.


uncouth, awkward, rude, unable to express my feelings.Hard, angry serf, do not miss ever gain.

most clever of all the landlords.Just saw through the guest has made a deal to their advantage.


Once he had a family, children, and he was thrifty master.But the death of this man's mistress turned into hunks.He became, like many widowers, mean and suspicious.

astonished and delighted his proposal, as it will return.Sell ​​soul agreed to 30 cents (of 78 souls).

Image Gogol landlords

In the work of Nikolai is one of the main theme of the landlord class in Russia, as well as the ruling class (the nobility) and its role in society and his fate.

main method used by Gogol in depicting different characters, is a satire.The characters created by his pen reflected the gradual degeneration of the landowning class.Nikolai identifies weaknesses and vices.Gogol satire painted irony that helped this writer just say that, as it was impossible to speak openly in terms of censorship.At the same time Nikolai laughter seems good-natured, but he did not spare anyone.Each phrase has a subtext, a hidden, deeper meaning.The irony of all is a characteristic element of Gogol satire.It is present not only in the author's speech, but also speech and characters.

Irony is one of the essential features of Gogol's poetics, gives greater realism narrative becomes a tool for the analysis of reality.

compositional structure of the poem

Images landowners in the poem "Dead Souls", the major works of this author, are the most versatile and complete.It is constructed as the story of the adventures of Chichikov official who buys "dead souls".On the different villages and living in their host allowed to talk to the author of the composition of the poem.Almost half of the first volume (five of the eleven chapters) is devoted to the various types of landowners in Russia.Nikolai made five portraits are not similar to each other, but in each of them at the same time are features that are typical for the Russian serf.Getting them begins and ends with Manilow Plushkin.This arrangement is not accidental.There is a certain logic in the sequence: the process of deepening the impoverishment of the human personality from one image to another, it is increasingly deployed as a terrible picture of the collapse of the feudal society.

Familiarity with Manilov

Manilow - the first person to present the image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".Table briefly describes it.We introduce you closer to this hero.Character Manilow, who is described in the first chapter, is shown already in the family.Begins the story of this hero from the image of the village Manilovka, few are able to "lure" your location.The author describes with irony manor house, created as an imitation of an English garden with a pond, bushes and the inscription "Temple of solitary reflection."Exterior details help the writer to create an image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".

Manilow: the character of the hero

author, speaking about Manilov, exclaims that only God knows what was the nature of this man.By nature, he is kind, courteous, polite, but it takes everything in his way of ugly, exaggerated forms.This landowner and sentimental idealism to cloying.Festive and idyllic appear to him the relations between people.Different relations in general - is one of the components that create the image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".Manilow did not know quite the life, the reality had replaced an empty fantasy.This hero loved to dream and think, sometimes without even the beneficial things for farmers.However, his ideas were far removed from the needs of life.He did not know about the real needs of the serfs, and even never thought about them.Manilow considers himself the carrier of culture.He was considered the most educated man in the army.Nikolai ironically speaks of the house of the landlord, which is always "something lacking", as well as sugary his relationship with his wife.

conversation with Chichikov Manilov purchase of dead souls

Manilow in the episode talking about buying dead souls too smart compared with the minister.Gogol irony intrudes here as if by accident in the restricted area.This comparison indicates that the Minister is characterized not so much by Manilow and "Manilovism" is a typical phenomenon banal bureaucratic world.


We describe another image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".Table already briefly introduced you to box.On it we learn in the third chapter of the poem.Gogol considers this character among the small landowner who complained of losses and crop failures, and always keep a few head to one side, while gaining little in denzhonki placed in the chest bags.The money extracted by selling a variety of products of subsistence farming.The interests and outlook Boxes are totally focused on her estate.Her whole life and economy are patriarchal.

As Boll Chichikov responded to the offer?

The lady realized that the trade in dead souls beneficial and agreed after much persuasion to sell them.The author, describing the way the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls" (Boll and other characters), ironic.Long could not understand "dubinnogolovaya" what is required of it, that the exasperated Chichikov.Then she traded for a long time with him, afraid miscalculate.


The image Nozdryov in Chapter Five, Gogol paints a very different form of expansion of the nobility.This character - a man, they say, "all-rounder".In fact his face was something removed, direct and open.Characteristic of him as "the breadth of nature."In an ironic remark Nikolai, nostrils - "historical man," because at any meeting at which he was able to go, can not do without ever stories.He plays with a light heart, a lot of money in the card plays a simpleton at the fair and immediately all "squander".This character - nesusvetny liar and reckless braggart, a true master of "pouring bullets."It behaves provocatively everywhere, if not aggressive.It is replete with this character swear words, he has a passion in this "shit neighbor."Gogol Nozdryov created in the image of Russian literature in the new socio-psychological type of so-called nozdrevschiny.In many respects, it is an innovative way of landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".Quick image following characters below.


more accusatory character becomes a satire of the author in the form of Sobakevich, with which we are familiar in the fifth chapter.This character is similar to the previous landlords little.It fisted crafty huckster, "the landlord-fist".He is a stranger to extravagance Nozdryov luxuriant, dreamy complacency Manilow, as well as hoarding Boxes.Sobakevich has an iron grip, he is laconic, canny.Few people there who would be able to deceive him.Everything about this landlord sturdy and durable.All household items around him, Gogol is reflected features of the character of this man.All wonderfully reminiscent of the hero in his home.Every thing is, as the author notes, as if to say that she - "too Sobakevich."

Nikolai depicts a figure that strikes rudeness.This man seemed to Chichikov look like a bear.Sobakevich is a cynic who is not ashamed of any other, nor a moral deformity.He is far from enlightenment.This is a die-hard serfdom, which is only as workforce takes care of its own farmers.It is interesting that in addition to this hero, no one realized the true nature of "villain" Chichikov and Sobakevich understood perfectly the essence of the proposal reflects the spirit of the times: everything can be bought and sold, should benefit as much as possible.This is a generalized image of the landowners in the poem "Dead Souls".Summary of the work, however, is not limited only to the image of these characters.Here is the next landlord.


Plyushkin devoted six chapters.It characteristics the landlords in the poem "Dead Souls" are completed.The name of the hero became a household word denoting moral degradation and greed.This image is the last degree of degeneration of the landowning class.Gogol begins familiarity with the character, as usual, with a description of the estate and the village landlord.This was noticeable in all buildings "special dilapidated."Nikolai describes a rich picture of devastation once feudal.Its cause is not idleness and prodigality and avarice painful host.Gogol landowner calls this "tear on mankind".The very appearance of his character - it reminds housekeeper asexual creature.A character that does not cause laughter, a bitter disappointment.


image landowners in the poem "Dead Souls" (table shown above) discloses a multifaceted writer.Five characters are created in the work of Gogol, draw diversify the state of the class.Plyushkin Sobakevich, nostrils, Capsule, Manilow - different forms of the same phenomenon - the spiritual, social and economic decline.Features of the landowners in Gogol's "Dead Souls" prove it.