Why not get married in a leap year?

just around the corner in 2016, and many lovers, who dream to legalize their relationship, are wondering whether you can get married in a leap year, and whether you can get married.In this publication we will consider, with associated concerns of future married couples, and to hear the views of astrologers and representatives of the church.

What linked this period

people noticed that every 4 years on earth activates various disasters.Natural disasters, wars, destruction, but few if any more misfortunes in life happens!So people anciently attributed to a leap year, some signs.Looking at one of them, it becomes clear why we can not get married in a leap year.After all, the people are of the opinion that in this period contraindicated in any undertaking, whether the birth family, the construction of a house or the development of a new project.Also, people think that at this time it is impossible to invest and plan purchases.What people think on this score astrologers?

astrologers Opinion: Why you can not get married in a leap year?

Astrologers, in principle, does not contradict the historical fears of the people.So why not get married in a leap year?The thing is that in this period begins a new four-year cycle.It can not be approached by any undertakings spontaneous and irresponsible, because otherwise your union not only doomed to failure, but also entail a series of new troubles.Therefore, if the young people, there are some concerns about their future wedding is better to move in 2017.

leap year in terms of superstitions

As we have seen, people are deeply convinced that every 4 years to avoid new initiatives and changes in principle.Moreover, it is believed that in such a year, and can not be divorced.Superstitious people believe that a marriage made in this period will be unhappy, and eventually fall apart.One of the spouses may be attributed to an early widowhood or a partner infidelity.However, those who get married in a leap year and still live happily, can classify themselves as nesuevernym people.

Down with prejudices!

Happy couple were married in a leap year is not an exception to the rule.After all, too much in this case will be no exception.And, of course, the whole year without planning new cases and making some undertakings, it is simply impossible to carry out.Life then stops.However, the marriage - is responsible and very serious step, and, as we have said, should take place only if both partners are fully confident in his feelings.

Take a look at the statistics

We have already learned that people think about why you can not get married in a leap year, and now dig a little in the statistics.Maybe stubborn figures will be able to shed light on superstition.Whether there will be reflected in the statistics of national signs?Surprisingly, it turns out that marriages in those "dangerous" years did not often break the unions entered into in good time.But what happens inside the couple quarrels and domestic conflicts, so that no one has yet managed to escape.

invention mankind

Nobody thought that a leap year - it is only a human invention that allows you to adjust the astronomical and mechanical clocks to each other.In fact, the extra day in February (which superstitious people also attributes a lot of trouble) does not change anything.With the same success as before changing calendars and dates shifted, and now it is canceled, then again introduced daylight saving time and establish new holidays with additional output.

optimistic of the history

amazing how pessimists always seek out all over the poor, so the optimists are ardent advocates of good.And leap year in Russia was considered to be the year of the brides.Now there are few who know about it, but it's true.It was in this period of our great-grandmother was allowed to send matchmakers to her lover.In addition, the groom did not have the right to answer the girl refused, except in exceptional cases.Therefore, if our grandparents asked whether it is possible to get married in a leap year, they would certainly have laughed and said yes.

This tradition is reflected in many cultures.For example, in Ireland, a woman can make an offer to his handpicked February 29.Now, such an original and unusual way of marriage proposals gladly pick up the modern girl.

What does the church?

We are not interested in the question of why we can not get married in a leap year, the representatives of the church.What, filling this gap.To begin with, that refers to the prejudices of the clergy negatively.After all, according to the priests, the people's signs have no relation either to the faith or to the church canons.Therefore, any prohibitions on marriage in this year is imposed, and ceremonies are performed in the usual manner, except for a period of fasting and sacred celebrations, however, as in any other year.

Some tips bride and groom

In this article we have tried to find out why not get married in a leap year, and came to the conclusion that this is a popular superstition.But even now, some people might believe him.So if someone in your pair is a superstitious person, it is better to postpone the wedding for the next period.Why once again attract bad things?Well, if one of you does not believe in superstitions, but believes in love, then go to the registrar without all doubt.