Short stories about animals - the first source of knowledge

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Tale accompanies a person throughout his life.From early childhood are short stories about animals.They are easily perceived, remembered, taught to distinguish between good and evil, sympathize with the heroes.Later connect social and living and magical.First we read, then we read, and sometimes compose.

Tale - the best tool for the development of emotions.The main thing that it was a simple, short, with a happy ending.For example, its heroes, their actions is the formation of values ​​of life.

Heroes tales

short stories about animals - the best choice for children 1-2 years old, when they may have to concentrate for a few minutes, keep in mind the simple stories.They do not overload the child's head.They have little characters that are either good or bad.This makes it possible to draw the line between good and evil.Children themselves are associated with positive characters, sympathize and empathize with them, condemn the actions of negative characters.

Children love to imitate the actions of the characters and the sounds they make.Especially like the stories of fairy tales "Repka", "Gingerbread Man", "The Mansion", "Glove".Repeated repetition of phrases, songs, action heroes help develop memory.

Psychologists say that children are more receptive to the information visually.Discussion of the illustrations presented with the help of puppets and favorite toys (cat, dog, bunny, chanterelles, mouse) to stimulate active participation in the process.


In psychology, there is a whole new trend to work with children - skazkoterapiya.With its help children learn to explore the world, try on your favorite images.It is best suited for this short children's stories about animals.

Nothing brings children and their parents as experienced with emotions, reading books, viewing pictures, discussion themes, the characters' actions.You should begin with the simplest "Chickens Ryaba."And gradually, depending on the age and readiness to perceive, to complicate the process of getting acquainted with the magic."The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids," "cat, a rooster and a fox" teach obedience caution."Turnip" raises family relationships and mutual support."Glove", "Mansion" is taught to appreciate the friendship and mutual assistance.

Through repeated often no difficulty with perception.And soon the children will be walking to sing a familiar song Bun.

Nobody likes teachings and morals.Short folk tales about animals as an example of the characters always had children, develop their imagination and fantasy.Parents are in no hurry to punish the kids, and when the first case recalled a vivid example than taught obedience, respect, mutual assistance, to inculcate a sense of duty, friendship, love.

Tale lie, so it hint - good fellows a lesson

Interactive learning is always more effective than passive listening.A positive effect on children's dramatization of the tale.Given the fact that small children can not long to focus on one lesson, it is better suited short stories about animals.Kids love to take part in a fairy tale, control its heroes.

Fix the knowledge gained from reading, may be toys.Cubes, puzzles, bingo can help the children play in the memory of familiar subjects.Folding parts into a whole develops fine motor skills of hands, promotes the development of speech and memory.

Adults - Guides to life for crumbs.And the surest way is through a fairy tale.Parents depend on what will be the attitude of the children to books.Short stories about animals help to love reading, to consolidate the knowledge of forest dwellers and Pets, develop moral and ethical qualities.