The car collection cucumbers must be manually ...

Until now, despite the widespread mechanization of harvesting a variety of vegetables, the ideal machine for the collection of cucumbers remains a distant dream and the collective farms.What's the secret?

No secret here.It is enough to pay attention to the biological features of a cucumber, partly similar to the tomato.Both vegetables are not simultaneously ripening, i.e.from four to five cucumber fruits marketable maturity can reach only one, the rest is yet to come.The situation is complicated by the fact that in contrast to the tomato comes from the cucumber first commodity maturity and then the biological.Thus, on the one hand, picking cucumbers must be done every 2-3 days, and on the other - to meet in a short time: 10-15 days after the ovaries.Then, the cucumbers are no longer suitable as a fruit and vegetable products.

Engineering units for mechanical harvesting cucumbers were a long time in many countries, particularly in the USSR, the USA and Hungary.However, even in the case where prototypes were launched into mass production, widespread they did not receive and, ultimately, than from low manual labor proved unprofitable.Especially in a market economy, where the impeccable presentation of vegetables plays a crucial role.

First of all, neither of which the safety of the plant for mechanical assembly is not out of the question: the machine to collect any damages cucumber whip, raising them and separating the fruit, which also got "a nut".This is compounded by low productivity is inevitable such a machine due to the nature of the structure.Has a strong effect on the yield in the direction of its decline and wide aisles, easy-to-machine, but the cost to waste useful space.Thus on cucumber plantations should prevail the high culture of farming, or ahead of the car will be damaged because of the constant hammering plodootdeliteley very sensitive to contamination of crops.Of course, none of the machine to collect cucumbers unable to selectively collect fruit trade, leaving the rest to ripen.

So, reaping the harvest "of Egyptian vegetable" can not do without manual labor?So far, alas.But you can make it much more productive, and with the help of the same technique.

Five years ago, the Internet news on the application of Belarus for harvesting cucumbers tractor trailer, more like an airplane early XX century, was accompanied by a flurry of snide comments.Like, look at what heights reached Belarusian agricultural machinery!

think skeptics have subsided considerably, if they put to compare two baskets with cucumbers, one after gathering machine, the other - the people on the "airplane".Besides the information that harvesting cucumbers in Estonia and Austria runs with exactly the same units, for some reason it did not cause bile ridicule.

And the benefits are obvious.When driving speed of about 1 km / h ten employees have time to collect only the fruit trade.When plants are not damaged.Aisle thick.Fructification and productivity increased.

And if such "Semi-manual" car collection cucumber is more productive and more perfect of all created before her wonders of technology, why not use it?