Interesting and educational activities for children 6 years old

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six year old child - it is not the same kid-silly, he was recently.He already took a rapid jump in the physical and intellectual development.It is important not to stop there and continue to develop the child and further ahead after already coming school to which he should be well prepared both mentally, physically and intellectually.

Baby educational activities for children

main condition of any work with children - a gleam in the eyes of the child and the joy of the occupation.Interesting educational activities for children 6 years of age are essential for them, but on the condition that they will be interested in it.

can be engaged in the special children's centers and schools of where you can find any activity to your taste.In addition, you can hold classes and at home, if the child agrees.Not everyone is able to engage a preschooler at home with his mother, or rather, not every mom is able to engage with the child.In some simply do not have the patience and the experience of others is not enough to organize the process of literacy training.That's why many parents prefer to contact the experts, who conduct remedial developmental activities for children.

physical development of the child

vozras 6 years in the physical development of the child takes place very rapidly.Coordination of movements increases the baby several times, he was spsoben to do what my mother had not even dreamed of: to do two or three movements at the same time, for example, jumping and clapping.Many children at this age are already in full ride two-wheeled velovipede, rollerblading and ice skating.

Nevertheless, developing physical culture classes for children 6 years needed just like air.The children are very restless, they need to be always on the move, this is one of the basic needs of the child.That's why you should give it to any section or dance classes.Boys enjoy visiting the pool, skiing, wrestling, and girls - gymnastics and figure skating.However, this distinction is very conditional on the floor.Good physical development is necessary for the full intellectual development.

Musical educational activities for children

All children love to listen to and sing songs and dance to them, regardless of their age.In general, the music is very child develops, improves memory, attention, motor skills, so the music classes are essential.For one child, these classes will be more in-depth nature of the special music school.Many children at this age are already beginning to learn a musical instrument, such as violin, block flute, piano and accordion.

other guys who do not have large music data, however with the great pleasure will visit different musical educational activities for children.Very well accepted technique Zheleznovs children, foster a sense of rhythm, intonation and even acting.Songs Zheleznovs - a mini-dramatizations, finger games, that kids just love.They also include group dances, rhymes.However, it is not necessary to search for this particular technique.It is enough to take any song and try to execute it not only voice, but also the body, showing movement.By the way, these movements can come up with the child, thereby developing his outlook and imagination.The main rule of all classes reads session should be fun!

What do you need to develop a child

order for future student was ready for school weekdays, interesting educational sessions he needs!They need to be conducted in several directions.These include the following:

  • Development of intelligence .These include obschestoronnee and development, the knowledge that the child collects at this age.Knowledge about the world around him, on the properties of an object, of a causal relationship processes, and need to develop logical thinking, to teach literacy, elementary mathematics and give the basics of reading.Some children, however, to 6 years already read quite fluently, but still such a phenomenon is not widespread.In addition, many are beginning to teaching foreign languages, it also refers to ravitiyu intelligence.
  • development of psychological processes .These processes include memory, attention, ability to focus and will.The development of these processes occur continually, many classes are seen as a means for their development.For example, many parents take their child to English language training with a view to develop his memory.
  • development of imagination and creativity .Many children themselves have great pleasure in paint, mold from clay in non-traditional techniques of creative arts.Some of it is not so easy, and so they need help, artfully, but gently guiding them.
  • Speech Development .Despite the fact that this child is already well developed, still stop there should not be.It should be a lot of reading, then discuss what they read, to do all kinds of speech exercises.

conditions of employment

Educational activities for children 6 years of age should not be random in nature, on the contrary, must be strictly codified.Otherwise, no proper result, and your preschooler are not accustomed to do, then you may encounter with his protest, because he simply was not used to do.

main rule states that any activity they should be fun!If the activity does not bring pleasure to any child or adult, is to review the principles of employment.Educational games, activities for children will be useful only if they are carried out and are carried out with ease.

develop intelligence

kolichetstvo There is a large games and books aimed at the development of intelligence of the baby.It is enough to play some games and perform a variety of tasks from the books to the development of intelligence went according to age.

Educational activities for the children at home is not difficult to carry out, knowing only the direction in which to move.So, what you can do with your child at home, walking to gently develop it:

  • discussing the weather, what has changed compared to the weather, that was yesterday.Discuss times of the year, what happens to nature and animals.
  • remind the child what day of the week, date and month.Recalls what day is tomorrow and what was yesterday.Discuss the day: morning, afternoon and evening.
  • discuss what items of which are made and what they need.
  • Talking about professions, to talk about what works and what they were before the new profession.

From the above it can be concluded that the development of the child's intelligence directly affects his communication with adults, which is very valuable in itself.It is necessary to pay attention to the child to all that surrounds him, ask him questions to think that he knew himself, and has not received an answer ready.

development of memory and attention

Educational activities for children 6 years old must include tasks for the development of memory and attention.In order to develop the memory, you need to memorize a poem to remember the story pictures, various small parts.Good job, Look, remember, and then tell me.Child for a short time looking at the pictures, and then they turn over and he begins to remember what they had drawn.

attention to the development of suitable game "What changed?".This is a game in which a sequence of pictures or toys cleaned one, and then the child is invited to remember what pictures are gone.In addition, it is useful to compare two pictures and find them different.

develop creative intelligence and imagination

Educational activities for children 6 years of age must include the development of creativity and imagination.You can and should draw from the child, to mold clay and salt dough, make appliques made of paper and natural materials, put on plays, glue and tinkering various crafts.

Suschestvet huge number of books aimed at the development of artistic skills of the younger generation.Do you need to be happy, and then make an exhibition of the work performed or give this work the family and friends.The main thing - do not cease to praise and to emphasize the importance of what is done on their own.Educational activities for children at home, aimed at developing the creative potential is very important for the development of intelligence and the various psychological processes.


live near the child extremely interesting to watch how it changes from day to day - just fun!Correctional and educational activities for children should be a joy to everyone, and only then will everything!