very large number of citizens are faced with a situation where you want to present a certificate of family composition.What is this help, who are part of the concept of "family", "family structure"?Why do you need this document, where to get it - this will be discussed in this article.First we need to decide in what is a family, the family structure from a legal point of view.The Family Code there is no clear legal concept.Not a list of individuals who are part of the family, universal in most cases.It is worth noting that the notion of family members, defined in the Civil, Housing Code, and other laws and regulations are different from each other.In theory, family law stands the family, family structure from a sociological and legal perspectives.

concept of family from a sociological point of view

According to a sociological vision of the issue, under the family understood the union of persons, based on marriage or family (or kinship), co-parenting or adoption of a child-rearing.An important feature of relations is the family unity and mutual assistance.In this case, the basis of fact put family relationships.According to a sociological sense, the family may exist in the case when such is not the legal sense is created, in particular the fact of cohabitation man with a woman without being married.

concept of family in legal terms

In a legal sense, the family is understood as the union of persons, associations of legal rights and obligations following from the fact that marriage, kinship and parenting.In other words, the family is clarified as a legal relationship.Family law gives legal value mainly marital and parental relations, as well as certain degree of kinship.The family, according to the legal aspects, family relationships continue until a legitimate, legal termination of the relationship.Not taken into account the real situation.For example, cases where the family has disintegrated socially or absent.

FAQ about family

One of the legal evidence of the existence of family relationships can be a special document on the composition of the family - a certificate (form certificate of family number 9).This certificate is, in fact, - a document testifying to the existing family ties and taking into account all family members living together in any room of a multistory building.Most of all, he shows an excerpt from the house register.It displays all information regarding prescription of tenants there.Accordingly, the family, the family structure - it is commonly understood, all family members living in the residential area of ​​the owner.This could include spouses, children, parents, and other relatives, disabled persons and other citizens who have settled landlord.

When the desired shape 9

What is this document?First of all, to provide all kinds of authorities to confirm the information and for specific purposes (when changing the place of registration, benefits, and design manuals), as well as a variety of other needs.Therefore, the issuance of such certificates is traditionally carried out on request.

Common instances when you may need information on the form 9:

  • Transactions with real estate or communal settlement.Often real estate is required to obtain help several times.
  • In providing benefits in the Centre of social protection to poor families with children.
  • in obtaining compensation for the payment of kindergartens.
  • while queued for housing, if housing at one less than the prescribed footage.
  • for presentation to the gas service (when the payment is made for each registered).

where he received a certificate of family composition?

Russian legislation provides for a special form (№ 9) for the document.

Get help of family members can be in ZhEKe (housing and communal services), to which is attached and which is served by the relevant House.

Also, getting help can be:

  • at the passport office;
  • in local government (important for urban, rural and regional communities);
  • territorial division of the FMS (Federal Migration Service), based on the information recorded in the house book.

It is in these departments issued a certificate of family composition, a specimen of which can be found at the place of issue.


contains reference documentation is issued in compliance with the strict form where mandatory
include appropriate information:

  • specify name of the body, to provide documents;
  • complete information about the address of the place of residence (location of residence premises): Specifies the index name of the city, street name, house number, indicating the body or structure (if any), and apartments;
  • title of the document, namely, "Information on the composition of the family";
  • prescribed citizen personal data (name);
  • information about family members with the inclusion of all dates of birth, degree of relationship (or lack thereof), the date of registration in the apartment, as well as information on the passport data or data from a birth certificate (for children) for each member;
  • the number of rooms occupied by the living;
  • total area of ​​the room where the family lives;
  • information about the identity of the main premises of the owner - the owner or tenant is responsible;
  • name where help is available;
  • date and time of reference;
  • data official of the issuing authority, such as the name, signature and full name of the employee;
  • print the official press agency provides help.

What do I need to get

during the procedure help with the form number 9 (certificate of family members) need to prepare the following documents:

  • completed application.
  • documentation of the fact of registration in the square.
  • document that can verify identity of a citizen, get help.

presented document is valid no more than ten days from the date of granting.In the event of unforeseen conditions, if the document has not been provided or required restoration of the lost certificate, you must reseed request on Form No. 9 to once again been given a certificate of family composition.

competently prepared reference sample can always be seen at the site of the request.


So summarize: certificate of family composition is a document issued by the appropriate form number 9, requested the relevant authorities.The composition of the family - all members of the family living in this housing.

It is also important to note the following: if the spouses are registered in different apartments, you will need to provide two references to the residence of both.

With the passage of the appropriate procedures for obtaining certificates need to have duly registered declaration to the request, an identity document, a document confirming the right of the individual citizen to act in the interests of third parties.

Refusal to issue certificates

not uncommon for a passport office or the department refuses to issue a registration certificate in the form 9. The most common cause is the existence of unpaid bills for an apartment or a house (for electricity, heating, hot and cold water, and so on.d.).

Traditionally, the refusal to grant issued in writing or you may be denied orally.In this situation, recourse to the prosecutor's office, in accordance with Article 19.1 of the Administrative Code.Employees of these organizations have no right to refuse to issue a statement of the form only 9 based on municipal debt.