Do we need to auto power off your computer?

If the average user to ask if he knows what the auto power off of the computer and how to set up this feature, often the answer is no.Such a man successfully solves the narrow circle of their tasks, and the use of any additional software mechanisms operating system does not even think.Indeed, why, if everything is working.

But let's talk.How are the automatic shutdown of the computer and, for example, gas heating?And in common between them is that in fact, and in another case there is progress and development.People once lived quite well, soaking up the fires, but someone first tried to put the fire in the brick walls, creating a center, and then there was a stove, and then fire it began to burn through the gas in the pipeline.Similarly, in the case of computer programs - need simply try additional features.Surely renounce their future use will be difficult.One such software capabilities - automatic shutdown of the computer.

As usual, let's start with an example.Without a doubt, each user at least

once had to download big file from the internet.A striking example is the so-called torrent of movies and other programs.Well, if the speed of the connection to the global network is so high that before the end of injection is necessary to wait only a few minutes.But what to do if the program displays the estimated time of a few hours?Of course, for some time, and you can work at your computer waiting for the download is complete, but the possibility is not always the case.In this case, the ideal solution would be automatic shutdown your computer: he had to shut down, after finishing the download.It is enough to turn off the monitor, and you can take care of business - electronic assistant to perform the task on their own.

The following example is related to movies.What could be better than to make a film session before going to bed?Obviously, much more rational not to sit for hours in front of TV, and comfortable to lie down on the sofa.This is the main "threat" - is very easy to fall asleep without waiting for the end of the show.Then in the morning, it appears that the computer was working all night in vain.This could be avoided if the automatic shutdown.And she's there!And in many operating systems.

How to use automatic shutdown your Windows 7?This problem can be solved in several ways.Each of them has a number of advantages, so the choice is made on the basis of user requirements.For example, the system includes a utility shutdown.Press the key combination Win + R, and in line recruit shutdown -s -t 1800. In the system tray displays a message that the shutdown will occur after 30 minutes.1800 seconds = 30 minutes.Cancellation is also possible: shutdown -a.Disadvantage: no graphical interface and basing on the Task Scheduler, the service that can be disabled.

preferred to use third-party applications, because they have a lot more opportunities.One of the most convenient, the real harvester - a PowerOff the developer Koeniger.It may take into account the CPU load, sending network packets and a number of parameters.Despite the high level of functionality, it will be able to understand even a novice.

Lovers maximum integration may be of interest off gadgets for Windows 7. Stopping them a choice, you can not worry about that the GUI will differ from the system (as can happen with some applications).Some of them are highly specialized products, while others offer additional opportunities.In the vast global network of free gadgets like quite a lot, so it remains only to choose a precisely fit their needs.