How to disable the firewall?

Firewall - One of the systems needed to protect our system from unauthorized third-party services, and the impact of programs.It can be built-in plan (standard firewall Vindovs) and sets (most often these are the developers of anti-virus systems are available).This method of protection is very often creates a lot of trouble to users, especially when your operating system is non-genuine, or if you install some third-party product.Himself a brewing issue of how to disable the firewall?Consider ways of resolving it below.

If we are talking about the standard version, for example, a firewall or Windows 7, the same good old XP, you people here are usually limited to the most typical option - went into the control panel and "Knocked Up" him.But in fact the function is stopped, but the process - no.How to disable the firewall in this case completely?

There are several ways to implement it.The first of them abuts the operation command string.Let's look at it in more detail:

1. found in the active window for the command to perform tasks «services.msc» and click "Enter" (aka «Enter»).

2. You'll see a special window where you want to look for the string "Firewall Windows».

3. Use the right mouse button, your call functions menu and select "Properties".

4. Here, in the "General" tab is a column "Startup type" and select it option "Disabled".

5. You're at the bottom click on "Stop" to abort the process completely.

6. After confirming all the operation, by pressing the "OK" button.

Basically, that's all, but, in practice, in which case often skips processes that do not want to shut down.Let us examine the second method is to disable the firewall, which is based on a trip profiles.If you see the "Advanced Options", it becomes clear that the network connections of three profiles are still working, while the central functionality is turned off (this is due to the rules of creating user profiles to be "cut off" after changes to the system).In other words, our firewall still partially working.

take the following action:

1. Open the properties of the firewall.

2. Here we are four profiles, but we are interested in only three of them: general, special and domain profile.

3. Each turn in the column "Status Firewall" line, select "Disable."

4. Do not forget to save your selection by pressing the "OK" button.

5. It remains only to check how effective our actions.To do this, go back to "Advanced Settings" and look at the corresponding column, which should be written, that these functions are disabled.

So we completely disable the built-in firewall in two ways from the company Vindous.

Now consider another problem that users encounter during various operations, such as in the time of launching the network and standard PC games and a variety of programs that unscrupulously climb into a network without our consent or attempt to use any of the processes, resulting inthere is a collapse.For example, gamers will often write something like "I can not start the game, please help," etc.

first advice that give troubled man - to turn off the firewall.How to disable the firewall standard type, we have understood (although it is not difficult to launch games and applications), but the established system of protection that go into a complete set with antivirus programs or separate from them - that's another conversation.

In fact, there's nothing complicated.If we are talking about a separate firewall of any type, it is usually turned off in a couple of clicks.Located active icon on the side of the right pane between time and choice of language.It is enough to click on the right mouse button and select the "Disable / Stop / Exit" or something like that.

case of a full-fledged anti-virus system, for example, Doctor Web, then there is an option as well as all anti-virus "chop off", and separately disable the firewall by selecting the appropriate option and confirm your intention.