Iron oxide and its preparation from the mineral

Everyone meets in the conduct of his household with the phenomenon of rust.He knows that this is the result of oxidation of iron.

As rust is formed?

Any metal product contains a certain amount of iron element: steel, alloys and others. It is involved in many processes produce various metals.Elements of the iron contained in the earth's crust.This metal is added during the production of many kinds of products, and to get rid of it is practically impossible, and in some cases this is not necessary.This element, when present in the metallic article, eventually oxidize when exposed to air, moisture, water, and the resulting oxide is formed on the surface of the iron 3. Of course, products coated with a protective layer, but it is easy to break by subjecting any technical impact from the side.

Basic properties

iron oxide - a very ductile silvery metal.It lends itself well to many kinds of mechanical processing: forging, rolling.Its ability to dissolve many elements found wide application in the manufacture of many alloys.This chemical element interacts with almost all diluted acids to form compounds corresponding valence.However, concentrated acids it behaves very passively.Pure iron was prepared by the technical processing of minerals which is present mainly ferric oxide.


Iron forms compounds of two rows: a 2-valent and 3-valent.Each of them characterizes its oxide.Iron compounds formed by dissolving in acid.Iron salts 3 highly hydrolyzed, so have the yellow-brown color, but the item itself is colorless.Iron compounds are widely used in metallurgy as reducing agents in the economy at the pest, in the textile industry, etc.Anhydrous ferric oxide is prepared from 2 oxide 3 by reduction as a black powder, while obtaining iron oxide 3 occurs by calcining hydroxide of iron oxides 3. underlie preparing salts of iron acid.There are still too little-known compounds and the compounds of this acid with a valence of six.When fused oxide 3 formed ferrites and ferrates new, as yet not well studied compounds.

prevalence in nature

describes the elements and its compounds are very widespread in nature.In the form of red ironstone found 3 iron oxide, in the form of magnetite - Fe3O4.For the production of sulfuric acid used iron pyrites (sulfide).The oxides are a major source of steel and cast iron.Steel and iron have approximately the same structure, the only difference is the carbon content.Iron alloys containing less than 2.14% carbon steels are called, and more than 2.14% - iron.This distribution is not suitable for complex steels such as alloy, because they have a more complex structure and are characterized by the presence of additional elements.