Katya Osadchaya: biography, personal life

Cross Ukrainian TV presenter Kate Osadchaya!Biography of the creative personality worthy of attention since childhood she began her career and still constantly moving forward.Kate is the most fashionable and stylish leading, over the years it leads the program "High Life", thanks to this program Osadchaya became famous.She knows her business, she is literate and uncompromising, she is well versed in fashion and knows how to get the camera pootkrovennichat the most famous people in the world.Its distinctive feature, besides talent to lead conversations on sensitive issues, the extraordinary steel cap, without Katya Osadchaya and impossible to imagine, by the way, they really go to her.

Katya Osadchaya: biography, childhood

Katya was born in a wealthy family, is a significant event happened September 12, 1983 in Kiev.Mom girl librarian by profession, but the family council Osadchikh it was decided that it would be the guardian of the hearth - a housewife.Head of the family, father Katyusha - CEO "Kievpribor."

Katya Osadchaya childhood stood out among peers correct precise features and tall, it has played an important role in the choice of future profession.Aiming to the girl with the help of the parents started to carry out his dream - to become a model.Already in the 13 years she brilliantly graduated from the Moscow school of models "Bagheera".In addition to studying at school and in the agency Katya intensively engaged in music and choreography.Began her modeling career was brilliant!

At the age of fourteen future television star, has just graduated from the ninth grade, he went to Tokyo to shoot.After a successful trip Katyusha waited shooting in different countries.The girl did not have time for schoolwork, photo shoots completely filled life of a young photo model, so she passed school exams externally.

business model was not able to meet the demands of an ambitious girl.On his eighteenth birthday she was convinced that he would not continue her modeling career, and instead become a television presenter.At 18, Kate returned to Kiev and at the same time married to Oleg Polishchuk, who was a people's deputy of Ukraine.

Career presenter Kate

Osadchaya still nurturing a child, began to prepare for the work of the journalist.After giving birth to a son, a young mother hired a tutor to develop his speech.Osadchaya debut in the role of a freelance reporter was on the First National Channel, after some time it becomes a television journalist.

beginning of a new stage of life was great, in 2005 Catherine appointed presenter of the "gossip", two years after that the audience could see it in the "Social Life".In 2007, Catherine got into the list of "100 most influential women of Ukraine."In 2009, she ranked sixth in the ranking of "Faces of Kiev."

«High Life»

«High Life" Katya Osadchaya become a very popular program that leads to the audience reveals the innermost secrets of domestic and foreign celebrities, and they tell all the secrets for yourself, looking at the camera and speaking into the microphone.This project has brought glory to Catherine, it is known both at home and abroad.

smiling Watching TV presenter, it seems that it does not work, but just goes to parties, premieres and presentations in exchange for even a salary.Such life and work can only envy.But this is only one side of the coin, in fact each program Osadchaya long and seriously preparing to eventually audience really enjoyed the intriguing information and viewing.To next issue was interesting, the leading must be smart and make the famous companion to remove the mask and show the true face.It's hard work, very often the stars are beginning to chafe and angry at the ubiquitous reporter but Kate was not accustomed to retreat, so the program "High Life" has found many admirers.

Katya Osadchaya: personal life

In 2001, Catherine married the MP from the "Green Party" Oleg Polishchuk.A year later their family enlarged little Ilya, but the birth of his son did not save a marriage.In 2004, the couple quietly and without scandal divorced.Polishchuk could not long endure the fact that for the most part it came to be called - the husband of Katie Osadchaya.

After the divorce, Kate Osadchaya did not prevent contact between father and son.Famous TV Elijah helped to bring the grandmother who doted on her grandchildren.The very same mother after the birth of the baby was able to sit at home for six months, the walls of the house is literally pressed too energetic Catherine, she had to work, it needed the space, but the son she is not forgotten, and spent every free moment with him.

Interesting facts

Katya Osadchaya- very interesting and multiple personality, she never sits still and always strives for is not yet conquered heights.In her life there are a lot of interesting facts, some of them in front of you:

1. Kate is interested in sports from an early age, is particularly fond of cycling, but with all the love for sports activities, she can not overcome her fear of skiing.

2. Despite the profession, which obliges to attend social events and be in the world of celebrities, Catherine does not like noisy parties at the clubs.

3. All Saints - is the favorite brand of clothing Osadchaya.

4. Not on camera Kate loves to wear ripped jeans and long dresses.