Name Misha.

name Misha, whose value is "equal to God", has always been very popular, and among all peoples.Michael, Michael, Miguel, Michael, Michael, Micah - he has a lot of derivatives.It should be noted that Misha is growing obedient and good child.

name Misha.The value in the professional field

These men are endowed with tremendous intelligence and can successfully work as lawyers, teachers, and a good general.The logic of Michael is at the highest level.

name Misha.Meaning in life

love animals, and their house is always possible to find a dog or cat.Love and kindness to children is often very high.Michaels trying to spoil the young generation expensive toys, and in no way to deny kids.Misha also can be found with a shovel in his hands somewhere in the country.Bad feeling when left alone.Very patient and love to take care of the aged parents, while not experiencing irritation.Mikhail is very easy to communicate, even after a quarrel, they quietly go on the world.Wife of the man is to be a good-natured woman, and easily appeased, he appreciates.Jealous.Michaels very generous nature and never melochatsya.With alcohol they have their own relationship, after drinking usually become kinder and more sentimental and can give everything they have.They like to show off.

Mystery name.What is the name of Michael

Mikhail increasingly compared with the bear.This animal - bumpkin with a good heart, but he's very fierce and nimble, if circumstances so require.The dual nature in the bear is very characteristic and Michael, as well as heavy and clumsy.But it will be a very big mistake to think about sluggishness and lethargy temperament and sluggishness in the affairs of men.

name Misha.The value in the fate

enormous stress, strength of will and mental effort required of the holder of the name to be achieved in this world goals.Before dolezt go where many others, almost without thinking, very easy to get, he has just to climb.Despite the considerable persistence in all your endeavors, and business projects Mikhail usually inaccessible to others, but find no recognition and high assessments in the community.From here follow the anger and dissatisfaction of Misha, his irritation mismatch invested efforts and recognition of success.

Misha.The origin of the name

Actually, the name has Greek roots.Believers in Christ are very honored Michael - chief archangel."Archangel Michael" is derived from the three phrases: "Arch Angel Michael."Particular importance is given of each of these parts."Arch" means "elder", "Angel" - a "messenger" and "Michael" - is "like God."Therefore, if correctly interpreted the phrase "Archangel Michael" is the following: "The chief envoy, with the power of the Lord" or "Senior authorized messenger of God", which is very similar to the truth, because in the Bible it is this character and was a messenger of the Lord, who becameto protect Israel.He is considered the patron saint of Ovruch, Northern Russia (Arkhangelsk) and Kiev.Archangel Michael in Orthodoxy is worshiped as the protector of builders and construction.Also, it is considered to cast out the evil spirits that were thought in Russia, it has been a source of disease.He stands at the head of the armies of the holy Lord and his angels.Therefore, the name of Michael, whose value is linked to the Archangel, became very popular in Russia.