Phased onion dressing

Any plant needs care, and care for all is watering, weeding, fertilizing and hoeing.This also applies to onions as well.Therefore, onion dressing - this is an important step in taking care of him.In this article, we'll show you how and when to fertilize onions, and give advice and recommendations.

How many times to feed the bow?

Generally, onions are receptive fertilizer.The yield of plants depends on how much it will take nutrients from the soil.Therefore, the land should be fertile, loose and light to your bow could safely be fed from it.Fertilizing in the spring onion is held twice, once again this is done in the summer and in the fall after harvest fertilize the soil.

first fertilization

At each phase of the plant it should be fertilized.So the first top dressing of onions held after the shoots appear, and feathers made of about 10 cm in length.This is the initial phase of development, so at this stage the focus is on nitrogen fertilizer.10 grams of fertilizer diluted with 10 liters of water, it spent about 1.5 square meters of land.However, if the plant looks healthy, it has fins are bright green, the feed is not necessary.Actually, it all depends on the soil.If the soil is poor, it is necessary to fertilize the plant in any way.

second fertilization

second onion dressing corresponds to the second phase of its vegetation.This takes approximately one month after sowing.In this step, the bow already your needs no nitrogen, but there is a need for phosphorus and potassium.To this diluted 20-30 g of superphosphate and as much sulfate at 10 liters of water and water the plants.

third fertilization

Feeding bow held for the third time when the bulb is fully formed, that is, its diameter reaches at least 40 mm.At this stage of plant development requires more calcium, because all the power go to the maturation of the head.The best source of calcium - a lime, which can not only grow more bulbs, but at the same time reduces the acidity of the soil.

Autumn fertilization

Many gardeners recommend in the fall before the treatment fertilize the soil.This is done in order to saturate the land drained in the summer and prepare it for sowing spring onions.For this purpose organic and minerals.As organic fertilizer is humus, and compost.Mineral fertilizers are mixed together with organic and incorporated into the soil.The same procedure is carried out in the spring before planting.

Tips for feeding onions:

  • fertilizer always have to make small portions as a strong concentration of salts harmful for onion;
  • fertilizer application, especially lime, it is necessary to examine the soil acidity, and also know its mechanical structure and features;
  • excess lime can lead to misperception onions other fertilizers;
  • autumn digging is carried out together with the fertilizer into the soil to a depth of onion root length (about 20 cm);
  • spring half of nitrogen fertilizers applied to the soil and dig them together, and the rest - with the appearance of feathers onion;
  • never make fresh organic fertilizer, better rotted;
  • fresh manure can be made only in a diluted form of water, after the slurry settles at least one week in a barrel;
  • organic attracts some pests to control them using tobacco dust and lime or wood ashes with sand.

Here thus carried dressing onions - one of the main stages of plant care.