Dream Interpretation: what dreams monkey

As you know, the monkey is the closest relative of the person, and perhaps his ancestors.What if these primates we dream at night?What to expect from such dreams?Encouraged to seek answers to these questions are the most popular contemporary dream books.

What dreams monkey? Dreams Gustav Miller

This source interprets what he saw in a dream the monkey as a sign that some selfish and insincere people will flatter you in order to promote their own ideas to the detriment of your interests.Dead as a monkey predicts that all the machinations of your enemies will not succeed.If a woman had a primacy, then the dream may mean that she will be deceived by dishonest and deceitful man who will not fail to take advantage of her feelings for their own benefit.Also dreamed of a monkey can be a harbinger of disease or humiliation for someone of your family or loved ones.

What dreams monkey : dream interpretation Freud

If you dream you are watching a monkey with her antics and jumps, in real life, you can get acquainted in some public place, which will later be extendedin a restaurant, cafe or bar, but end up in bed.And everything happens spontaneously, and you will not have time to adequately assess the situation.

What dreams monkey. Gypsy Dream Book

According to the interpretation of the dream book, dreamed of a monkey is a symbol of lies and deception.It is likely that someone from your surroundings tries to circle around your finger.So try not to judge people by their words but by deeds.

What dreams monkey? Dreams "From A to Z"

If you had a monkey in a cage, then in the near future someone will try to hurt you surreptitiously.If you see the primates, speakers at the circus, then you should not blindly trust everything you hear, even from those closest to you: it is possible that some of them decided to trick you into selfish purposes.Why dream of a lot of monkeys jumping on the trees in the forest?This dream foretells that you will have to deal with limited, stupid, but very ambitious and confident people, communication with which your nerves pretty pat.If you have a monkey on your hands, then someone close to you may soon get sick.Hand-feed primate - a situation in which you acted very dishonestly.Bite Monkey promises success and good luck in love affairs.If the dream of a monkey puts his hand over his eyes, then you face the humiliation of the people has the power and wealth.Hunting primates promises a speedy and successful marriage.Murder monkey symbolizes the final and irreversible victory over the extremely serious and dangerous opponent.If you dream of a dead monkey, torn apart beasts of prey, one of your endeavors doomed to inevitable failure.Dreamed of a little monkey calls you do not trust new friends, trying to insinuate himself into your confidence.Why dream of a big monkey?This dream warns you about the possibility of being deceived by someone you trust completely.