Garden of Eden: where to find it?

is hardly a person who does not know what happened to Adam and Eve after they were bitten off the ill-fated Apple.Everyone remembers and the serpent-tempter, guard paradise tree, which for some reason it took to get rid of the two star-crossed lovers.They all left the fabulous place called Eden.

Sooner or later, everyone wondered, was the Garden of Eden, and if so, where?Visiting beautiful places in the world, we often compare them to Paradise, without thinking about how far are we from the truth.Seriously think about this problem and paleogeology paleoarheologi.Space technology also expanded representation of the world of humanity and allowed to advance in the study of the past.Engaged voprosomo the location of the Garden of Eden, theologians and historians, Jews and Christians all over the world.

Until the late 19th century, the biblical Garden could easily be considered an invention.However, after the excavations in Mesopotamia (excavations of Ur English archaeologist Leonardo Woolley), and Babylon it became clear that the biblical legends have a real historical basis.

Description Eden

Bible - not the first source, describing the garden.Eden, a paradise - it has many names in different nations.During the excavation of the library of Ashurbanipal British archaeologists discovered drevneshumerskie texts.They were legends about the creation of the world as they knew the Sumerians and Assyrians.The text of the "Enuma Elish" tells about a wonderful garden full of fruit trees of outlandish and exquisite herbs.Animals and people live there in peace and harmony.

the garden flowed a large river that gave the moisture to plants and animals.Emerging from the garden, it was divided into four major rivers of the world.


In the center of the garden was the very tree of good and evil, or "tree of knowledge", which grew apples.Almost all of the mythology of the world contain references to them.They - the fruits of sin, rejuvenating apples or the fruit of immortality.However, nowhere and no one wrote that the tree was an apple tree, and the apples of paradise do not need to associate with a modern fruit.The Greeks believed that it was a pomegranate tree, the Vikings replaced the apple peach.

River Eden

Humanity has received acknowledgment of the reality of the Flood, but did not stop there.The Bible says that the Garden of Eden washed four rivers.Two of them clearly relate to the Euphrates and the Tigris.But the other two - the Gihon and Hitdekl - not on the map, as it may look.The scientists of the 20th century were able to compare Hitdekl river, which flows east of Assyria.She repeatedly mentioned in the clay tablets.A Gijon found only half a century ago.People were able to determine the approximate location of a place like the Garden of Eden.The photo was obtained through aerial photography today Gijon - dried river, the mouth of which, lost in the desert, can only be seen from space.However, the whereabouts of Eden can be even more specific.

Population Eden

catastrophe to get people to leave the Garden of Eden, is not the consequence of disobedience, and is described as a natural disaster.They left the place in the disaster and had to start all over again.

What kind of people inhabited the Garden of Eden?Today is difficult to answer.Their remains are found along the shores of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf today, but scientists find it difficult to answer this question.

growth of people reached 3 meters.Burial sites often appear after the annual flood, when the water goes away, eroding clay soil.

Such findings often do nomads and peasants of nearby villages.

Today there are about 200 pictures of graves with the title "antediluvian people," or "Nephilim."About them, demi-demigods, told the Sumerian, Assyrian, and later - the Greek legends.In the biblical version, we know them as fallen angels, the same ones that have sinned in the eyes of the Lord, loving earthly women.In any of these legends are the first people on earth.Their age was several times longer than ours, their growth and physical strength is much higher than the figure of the modern person.We do not know whether they were superior to us in terms of intelligence.But for some reason God has forbidden to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge is ... According to the Bible, Eve took a bite of apple half, lived more than 900 years.And Adam, who bit off only once - about 100 years younger.

However, it's not the inhabitants of Paradise, and the first generation of descendants of those who left.Modern scholars believe that the Garden of Eden to be found in the Persian Gulf, on a small island, which in times of the Sumerians called Delmun.The Sumerian tablets describe the magical nature of the island, caves with an inexhaustible source of crystal clear water, strange fruit trees, the bright colors of tropical vegetation.Today it is a small Arab state of Bahrain.Nature and human hands have made it so beautiful that, been there, you are sure to say, "The Garden of Eden!"