How to Choose a housekeeper?

Choice housemaids.What to consider when choosing

If you decide to choose a maid in your house, then you need to know the basic principles of communication and treatment of staff, as well as some requirements for domestic staff to be considered at the stage of selecting an employee.

First, a person applying for job housekeeper, must have experience of similar work.It should be understood that the experience should be just in providing the required services, because, for example, just housekeeping and maid work is still different things.

Secondly, one of the main aspects of a person's age.Specialists cooperate with the Agency staff, believe that the best age for domestic workers is 30-36 years.

Thirdly, you should consider the location of your future employee.For example, it is better to choose a maid living in the same area of ​​the city as you.Thus, both you and she will be saving considerable time.If the man you are quite satisfied, but live relatively far away, it may be worthwhile to consider the option, you stay.

next point to which attention should be paid to the position of a candidate desirable recommendations from previous jobs.Do not put the coordinates and previous employers that they can be contacted and to clarify information about a potential employee.

to interview, do not forget that you and the employee must be psychologically comfortable, as a good impression is important factor in communication.Good housekeepers must respect the chain of command.

also interviewed, be sure to let the housekeeper that you conclude with it an agreement for a trial period, as well as, in the course of its work, you have a right to make her comments.

course, given all the circumstances, both you and the new employee, the first time may not be entirely comfortable psychologically.To establish early contact, you should talk about your family traditions and customs.It is possible that some of that for you is crucial, it would be unacceptable for the new employee.And in this situation, already need to be addressed, or to compromise or to look for another assistant.

To complete the picture and to establish better contact, try to familiarize the future housekeeper with all your requirements and preferences, as well as the individual characteristics of each family member.

should also pay attention to the following a few simple rules that in the event of an emergency to help prevent trouble during the new employee.It is necessary to tell the housekeeper about the location of the home kit and its contents.

In a prominent place must leave a phone list, that may be needed - a mobile and work number of husband and wife, contact numbers grandparents and neighbors, and emergency.It is mandatory to leave the housekeeper a certain amount of money that you may need in case of force majeure.

In terms of personal relationships, the first time probably will not be easy.However, in the work, it should be remembered that