What to do if you need a change of passports

passport is the main document that certifies personality.Sometimes there are situations in which you yourself can lose your passport or you can steal, then you will have to restore it.

Under current law, the change of passports in the following situations occur:

- identification of the owner or the corresponding services of any inaccuracies in the listed data;

- if expired passports;

- if the holder of the passport changed his sex;

- also made replacement passport when reaching the owner of 20 and 45 years;

- passport became unfit for use and its further use is not possible;

- if the finished sheets, which are put on the corresponding mark.

new passport issued to all Russian citizen who at the time the reached the age of 14, so apply for a new passport is not earlier than one month before that age.

Change passports held in the departments of Citizenship and Migration, for this you need to provide your passport, which must be replaced, or a statement about his loss.You will be given an application form, in addition, will need 2 photos.The size must be 35x45 mm, and no matter what they are - a black and white or color, as long as they are of high quality.If previously submitted passport photos in headgear was prohibited, now it permitted, but they should not obscure the face oval.If you're shooting with glasses, the glass in them should not be tinted.If you can not prepare in advance your photos, you can do it right in the offices that issue passports.Also, you will need to submit all the documents on the basis of which will be to fill in sections of your passport, it should be:

- in the presence of children under 14 years of age must carry their birth certificates;

- obligatory for all men is to provide military identification card;

- documents that confirm your registration;

- registration documents or divorce;

- if you get a passport for the first time, that all this is necessary to provide even a birth certificate of the applicant.

For people who do not know how to exchange the passport, we can say that it is rather time-consuming procedure, after gathering all the necessary documents and filling out a special form, you will also have to pay legal costs.

If all documents are available, within 10 days you will get a new passport, if you have lost your passport, this period is increased to one month.

Change passport for the girl who married and took her husband's name, does not require any changes to the already received earlier documents such as diploma of education.If necessary, they just need to provide a presentation of a marriage certificate.If the change of passports held a man who changed his name, he is imperative to get a new military ID and other documents do not require replacement.

neither men nor women who have made the exchange of passports, there is no need to make any changes in the workbook.This you will record with the number of new passports and the date of its receipt.But in that case you'll have to enter into another contract of employment has a new name.It also provides changes when changing the passport documents such as various credit obligations.We'll have to re-register bank accounts and obtain new bank cards.Also, there can be problems if you decide to sell their homes, which are decorated to the old name, so you need to worry about this in advance.You have to replace the vehicle registration certificate and driver's license.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to be within a month to make changes to your documents.