Shellac home

Shellac - one of the new-fangled trends nail art, combining the properties of traditional lacquer and gel nails.This coating is very practical - and it was noted in women who every minute, but important to preserve the well-groomed appearance.

shellac advantages compared to traditional means

main advantage of covering Shellac - is its durability, while maintaining a "commodity" type.It is resistant to chips and scratches and is able to hold the nails up to three weeks.It requires re-applying for the grown nail plate, and are not due to defects in appearance.

These properties are also characteristic of the gel.Also, as the gel coat hardens due to UV rays, and washed special means.

Meanwhile shellac coating as conventional cosmetics harmless to the nail when applied nail plate provides protection against mechanical damage, while maintaining its flexibility.

Among other advantages may be noted:

- a diverse palette (36 colors - and this is not the limit);
- perfect density;
- glitter;
- the ability to use and for manicure and pedicure.

Shellac at home

Tools & Supplies

- tools for dry manicure (agent, softening cuticles, wooden stick, Buffer-file for polishing the surface of the nail).
- Special basic coverage.
- Shellac - the color layer.
- masthead (fixing) tool.
- UV lamp for drying.
- Degreaser.
- remover shellac coating.

algorithm action

shellac to learn to do at home, it is recommended once spend on a visit to the salon and see how the coated manicure.You can just follow step by step instructions to try their hand.

1. manicured nails giving the desired shape.Using a cuticle softener, move her orange stick (you can cut the cuticles, but it is more traumatic way to remove it).

2. Grind the surface of the nail plate, saving her from a glossy shine.The resulting sweep up dust brush.

3. next step - a thorough degreasing of nails on the entire surface (sides and came near the cuticle).For these purposes, there are special funds, but some people use alcohol and even a simple soap and water solution.Cotton pads should be replaced on a piece of linen that were not on the nail thin wool fiber.

4. on low-fat nails put primer on the perimeter - special coating that improves coupling with shellac nail plate.

5. Apply a thin layer of base coat, walking up to the end of the nail wrung brush sealing, nails and soak in the rays of a UV lamp for a minute.

6. application of thin colored layer Shellac (possible number - from 1 to 3).Applying the same principle as that of the base layer.Within two minutes under a UV lamp is required to dry each layer.

7. Finishing top layer (fixing) - a little thicker than the previous ones.Applied to the entire surface of the nail and sealed.Polymerization under UV lamp - 2 minutes.

8. Lipnuschuyu film from the surface of the finished manicure remove any conventional means of nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol.When finished oil massage the skin around the nail and cuticle.

Methods for removing shellac polish

To remove shellac house need acetone or isopropyl alcohol 99 percent.You can also use the tool to remove the gel.The essence of the procedure - soak cotton pads means and make "compresses" on nails.

After 10 minutes, massage the nail plate without removing lotions.The remains are removed with a wooden stick or re-using a special liquid.

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