How to choose furniture for the lodge

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When planning the interior balconies, special attention should be paid to the selection of furniture.Since the balcony - the room is quite specific, and usually does not have a large area, the furniture should be placed in it the most efficient way.All items of furniture for the lodge must be as compact as possible with the full safety of their functionality.

First of all, when choosing furniture for the lodge, you must take into account the presence or absence of her glass.If the balcony is not glazed, it is best to use a plastic furniture because it is not afraid of moisture.To save space, balconies, it is possible to use folding chairs and tables.Folding furniture in such cases is very popular among those who want to transform the interior of his balconies.

To extract these pieces of furniture can be just as appropriate for their application.I wanted a cup of tea with buns in the fresh air?Please - threw back the table, spread out chairs and enjoy views of the surrounding countryside, listening to the singing of birds and the roar roaring motorov.Posle this, without much physical effort to return the interior of the lodge its original form.

If glazed loggia, the scope for the selection of furniture range is greatly increased.We note again the paramount importance of respect for the safety of "living space" of any lodge.Given this feature of the filling pieces of furniture are relatively small room, elaborate process of minimizing its placement.

loggias Many owners try to "convert" is a space for the additional living room.In that case, certainly it is worth recalling that the lodge include a non-heated and equipped with their central heating systems is strictly prohibited.

view that, in the cold season of the room is a bit much good, and to put it very "advanced" furniture does not make sense.But of course, even in this situation, there is a definite alternative: You can install electric fireplace in the loggia or equip it with underfloor heating.

If you try to warm a loggia carefully and give it good insulation, then it can be heated by the set in the next room radiators.By then it will be exactly afford to have extra room, furnished it very comfortably furnished.

There is another great option conversion loggia - the use of its wide sill as a bar or a table in combination with high chairs.This will allow the appropriate application window sill in the interior balconies bring special touch of elegance and style.

space under the windowsill miraculously you can use as a shelf or a cabinet for storage and household items.When selecting all kinds of cabinets, drawers and cabinets, it is best to focus on models with sliding doors that allow you to save the maximum space of the room.

universal solution will also be used as doors bamboo blinds and Roman blinds - and aesthetically pleasing, and quite functional.Do not neglect the opportunity to install in the loggia cabinets high enough sizes.The top shelf is also possible to store the dates, but rarely to get supplies.

For the interior loggia is perfectly suitable angular furniture.Again, given the importance of the acquisition for the loggia of multifunctional furniture, you can use the sofa-chest, the seat of which can optionally be a secret receptacle cover economic mineral resources.You can certainly buy a sofa with drawers, but the use of the trunk in this case is considered to be more practical.

Try to pick furniture loggia minimum laconic style.Stylin furniture with overkill pompous decorations can visually burden space and without that small area.Do not forget that light tones tend to visually expand the space between objects.Choose furniture to the loggia of the moisture-resistant materials that are not prone to burnout and do not depend on a strong temperature differential.

successful version of interior furnishings will lodge furniture made to order.According to the provided plan your design, you can best use of every centimeter of space.Do not be afraid to offer designers the most courageous ideas, then, they are experts, to take into account your wishes and to find optimal solutions.

Remember that the right to pick up, in terms of functionality and compactness, furniture for balconies or terrace you create an unforgettable feeling of a cozy island with limited space.