Specialization - this is the face of the state

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Each of us in the final year of school, thinking about further education, familiar with the concept of the specialty and know that specialization - a form of division of labor, which involves an in-depth study of a particular area of ​​human knowledge, and future activities in the selected specific area.Any division of labor leads to specialization.It was understood by the people in ancient times.And on the conveyor path for the first time put on a medieval manufactories.

Branches of international specialization

However, this concept applies not only to individuals, but also a much wider
.Specialization - this is a very broad concept that affects entire regions of individual countries and the entire world production.Thus, the fertile Black Earth region in southern Russia predetermine a relatively successful development in these areas of agriculture.That is, the natural conditions of the region stimulate the development of certain activities of its production.In the larger, global scale can be seen even more striking examples.For the low price of labor and loyalty to the political authorities in some East Asian countries have contributed to Western corporations placing their production plants in these areas.What it has turned countries like China and Vietnam, a massive supplier of cheap goods.For the countries of the Middle East leading sector of international specialization to date - is mining, processing and export of oil and oil derivatives abroad.And only the activity of the last decades has uplifted the standard of living of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait to such heights, bringing fabulous profits into their budget.On the other hand, the specific natural conditions and traditional skills of the people of Brazil allowed not only to become the largest supplier of coffee in the world, and redirect their productive forces specifically for the production and export of this product.On this basis, a regional specialty - a natural differentiation of the productive sectors and between different regions, and each region of the deepening work in the lucrative industries for themselves.As you can see, these processes often determine the shape of the whole states in the perception of the outside world.

Industrial specialization

However, this process occurs not only in a purely regional plane.Thus, the development of science and methods of production leads to a differentiation of the production itself.Production specialization - the division of production into separate stages in the manufacture of the final product.Production specialization may be of the following types:

A) Subject - where production focuses on one type of product.

B) Exploded view - respectively, the production of well-defined details.

B) Process - when playing some of the stages of production.

D) Auxiliary specialization is often in addition to production, such as repair parts.

D) Interbranch focused on the manufacture of similar parts for a large number of different products.

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