Stroke - the right side paralyzed.

human life - a very complicated thing, in which there is a lot of problems.Some of them are all sorts of illnesses and accidents.If the second point, with some side has its advantages, the first point of the most frightening for the person and his family.For example, there was an accident in which a man lost his life.Undoubtedly, this is a very sad event, but it most often does not entail enormous suffering.Diseases, in turn, can make a person not just die and suffer for years without being able to live a full life and bringing a lot of inconvenience people around.For example, a disease such as stroke, when the right side is taken away, is one of these illnesses.What is it?

Stroke - paralysis of the right side or the left, because of the small and large brain hemorrhage.Because of this, some part of the brain ceases to function, violated the established long-term experience of communication, and a person has to carry a defective lifestyle.Most people think that this disease, namely right-stroke characteristic only the elderly, but it is not.For example, the famous actor George Clooney is also a child suffered a small stroke, which is why he could not move one half of the face.However, the desire of man to become a professional actor overcame illness.With the help of physical therapy and perennial lessons he was able to restore the broken connection in the brain, and most of his fans are not even aware of what it was worth Clooney.From this we can conclude that the right side of the stroke is not the end of life.Of course, without a trace a disease can not get through, but the right psychological approach to the problem and timely treatment is able to put a man on foot.

Scientists have proved that stroke right side when he can not move, it runs a lot easier than when the lesion becomes left.Therefore, people with right-stroke can rebuild their lives and even walk without crutches or sticks.Naturally, the success of the treatment depends not only on external factors, but also on the age of the human patient.The older it is, the less hope of recovery.

From what can happen stroke right?The main cause of this disease is high blood pressure.It, in turn, may be caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle or other factors.Worst of all is that for the first stroke will certainly be followed by the second and third.This can be avoided if after the first stroke to completely change your lifestyle, give up bad habits and switch to a healthy diet.Between the two hemorrhages may take from several months to decades.Most people who find themselves without movement, in need of care and close relatives.So it's safe to say that a stroke is terrible not only for the sick but also for the people who surround him.

Many children after stroke abandon their parents, giving them to a nursing home or to fate.Elderly is very hard to survive.In addition, a stroke can disrupt a person's speech, as well as the soundness of his thinking.One gets the impression that care for the sick, that it did not have an adult, but with "a child of five."What to do?It is best to take care of your health, especially if there is a tendency to high blood pressure and problems with blood vessels.Thus, you can live a full life without inconvenience to others, and die without any unbearable torment.