Prison "White Swan."

«White Swan" - a prison where persons sentenced to life imprisonment.Officially called the prison PKU IC number 2 DEC № 2. Here serving time those who are convicted of the most serious crimes: maniacs, murderers, rapists, members and leaders of the gangs.All of them have committed terrible acts: kidnappings, hostage taking, assassinations, and so on.God forbid someone from their own experience to learn about where the prison is "White Swan."For reference, the same can report that the colony is located in the city of Solikamsk, in Perm region.

There are different versions of why the prison got such a beautiful and romantic name.Whether because of the built of white brick walls, symbolizing the wings of a bird supposedly;either because the method of movement on the territory of prison inmates - nearly 90 degrees leaning forward with her hands curled behind his back, that is, in the posture of a swan;whether because of the monument to the white bird standing in the courtyard of the colony.Surely everyone knows the legend that the swan, having lost his beloved, condemns himself to loneliness, or even death.Circled over the dead lover, he quickly falls down and breaks his head on the ground.That some criminals believed and believe that prison is "White Swan" - a place where they will sing a swan song, will find final resting place.Perhaps all these versions - only the echoes of prison romance.Yet swans in colonies everywhere on the grid, at the entrance to the building, which houses the office of the chief of prison, and even the litter bins are made in the shape of swans.

Correctional Facility started its history in 1938.At first, here it contained only political prisoners, and only in 1955, the colony became a criminal.Since 1980, when it was created by well-known EPTK, began here with the entire Union to re-send the thieves.Prison "White swan" debunked myths about freely and beautiful thieves living in places not so remote.In 1999, the prison redeveloped into a colony for convicts for life.Something did not have much to rebuild - buildings and so built so that any shoots relationship with will be excluded.Statistics show that for every prisoner here have an average of three ruined soul.After ten years of being in the colony of criminals translate into lighter conditions: they have an opportunity to receive news from home, see his family.

Prison "White swan" organizes the life of convicts in accordance with international standards.One chamber contains the three men, all accommodated on the basis of the psychological characteristics of the prisoners, who studies the professional psychologist.Take a shower the prisoners once a week, walk - one hour daily in the prison located on the roof of the building cameras.Learn and work those who are condemned to a life sentence, in the first years of smoking - every second criminals should be supervised by prison staff.The only thing that allows you to prison "White Swan" - is engaged in self-education, in prison has a library.In addition, many people here are religious - in the center of the prison is a small church built by the hands of prisoners.Around and around the perimeter of the colony - fences, powerful barriers, barbed wire, security cameras, trained dogs.There has not been a single case of a successful escape history.

When the convict dies, his relatives sent a telegram.If the body is not picked up within three days to bury the deceased in the cemetery.Among those who died in the walls of the prison, there is a very well-known figures of the criminal world.For example, in 2002 there went into another world renowned warlord and Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev.Some leaders of the Chechen gangs and thieves are in prison now.Many people can not stand the hellish conditions, so "authoritative" criminals left a bit.They are quiet, calm and wait for the hour when "lay down their wings" in the dungeons of the prison "White Swan."