VAZ-2107 Injector: fuel consumption.

By car VAZ-2107 injector fuel consumption depends on many parameters.Of course, it is very important condition of the engine - the value of the compression level of wear of pistons, rings, valves and seats and other components.Not only does this affect the consumption of gasoline.The fact that the injection system is completely computerized injection.Of course, it is not controlled by ultra-modern computer game, but only by a microprocessor.But that is enough to organize proper operation of the motor.To learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the injector fuel injection system, it is necessary to study it in more detail.

The overall design of the injector fuel injection system

first direct injection appeared a few decades ago.They will not only reduce the basic fuel for vehicles, but also greatly simplify the management of the car.However, the complexity of the design at the same time increased - there are many sensors and actuators, which are not inherent in the carburetor.Implementation of these systems was only possible thanks to the development of microelectronics.Since it is based on a control unit which analyzes the signals every second thousands.

Just think how many pulses produces only one sensor?Hundreds in the second, and it's a lot.In addition, they all need to be analyzed and properly respond to them.But if the carburetors operate exclusively on the basis of simple physical processes, such as the pressure difference in the chambers, the injector operates only due to electronic devices.The pressure is not created by the vacuum rail, and by injecting fuel and air into it.This will be discussed a little lower, but also consider that it is better - injector or carburetor car seventh model.

electronic control unit

Indeed, this is the heart of any injection machine.To understand its working, it is necessary to consider the block diagram that includes:

  1. Reader devices (sensors).
  2. Actuators (IAC, fuel pump, heater katkollektora).
  3. microcontroller with the necessary number of input-output ports.

But the whole problem is that the sensors give out different signals.At one output of 12 volts, and the second - less than one.The problem is that at 2107 injector fuel consumption will depend on the parameters received from the sensors and the microcontroller can perceive only the signal in the range of 3.5-5 Volt.

Matching microcontroller with sensors

Hence, some signals need to be strengthened, while others decrease.For this purpose the intermediate stages (matching devices) - operational amplifiers and voltage dividers.With this all clear, but the microprocessor will not be able to produce even the inclusion of the electromagnetic coil of the relay.For this purpose, a special assembly of Darlington.It is a small chip, it is based on amplification stages FET.They work in the mode of the key and allow the switch currents up to 30 A and that is enough to power the coil of an electromagnetic injector.

microcontroller is negotiating with nozzles using solenoid impossible.The reason - high pulse frequency.The relay simply can not manage to carry out the required number of switching operations per second.From this perspective, a key FET is much more efficient.

Fuel rail

directly mounted on the motor unit in charge of the injection of fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber - the ramp and injectors.By car VAZ-2107 injector fuel consumption depends on how well the air is mixed with gasoline.But this process takes place is in the ramp.It pressurized fuel is injected.The air passing through the air is sucked in the same direction.Moreover, the proportion should be ideal - 14 parts of air and only one part of gasoline.

Solenoid injectors

The table below shows the fuel consumption of the engine with 1.5-liter, but with different injection system.The ramp is maintained constant pressure, fuel is suspended, almost a kind of fog.Separates it from the combustion chamber only solenoid valve injectors.What is this device?It consists of a coil core and a valve which is driven by means of current.Something similar to the carburetor is also available, the design is very similar - a solenoid valve of idling.Function and appearance, of course, vary.In injectors have two states - open and closed.The first fuel is injected with the air in the combustion chamber.

Comparison of gasoline and fuel injection engine with 1.5-liter
Winter Summer
City combined cycle City combined cycle
Carburetor 10,5-14 l / 100 km 10-11 l / 100 km 9-9,5 l / 100 km 8-8,5 l / 100 km
Injector 9,5-13 liters/ 100 km ~ 10 l / 100 km 7,5-8,5 l / 100 km 6,5-7,5 l / 100 km

Electric fuel pump

But this instrumentwho is responsible for ensuring that the rail has always been necessary pressure.For information on how to reduce fuel consumption, will be discussed below.But it is worth noting that this option does not affect the electric pump.It is located directly in the tank, integrated in a single package with the sensor level of gasoline.There is also a filter on it.In people, it is called "diaper" for the resemblance.

By the way, try to change it as often as possible, otherwise there will be clogged fuel lines and injectors.A cleaning is sometimes a lot of money.Besides the electric, there is another device that allows you to maintain a constant pressure - control on the ramp.With it, reset the excess fuel back to the tank.Consequently, the excess pressure of not scary.

The injector is better or worse than the carburetor?

Convenience - this is the main advantage of the injector fuel injection system.Furthermore, it has the minimum fuel consumption is much lower than that of the carburetor.The reason for this - a more advanced system, the control of all the parameters of the engine.There are advantages - there is no leak.The air supply engaged in the electronic system.At high speeds, the engine throttle response is higher.

But at low speeds, unfortunately, time and power are lower.It is very complex design entails an expensive service.Without diagnosis is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of damage to the car.Even all these data will be enough to try to answer the question, what is better - injector or carburetor.But the final answer is still no.On the one hand, the injector is better.On the other hand it is a little bit worse.

it possible to reduce the consumption of the injector?

And now is to talk about how to reduce fuel consumption by fuel-injected engine.The surest way - is to change the firmware of the microcontroller.This is written a new fuel card, on which the engine is running.The content of gasoline and air in this case changes, therefore, is a loss of power.But you get a slight advantage.As a result of such manipulations on the 2107 injector fuel consumption is reduced.However, the maximum speed, the power and acceleration of the car is also getting smaller.Motorists are guided in choosing the firmware on average, it is given in the table.For comparison, data are presented on a similar engine with a carburetor fuel injection.