Methods of recruitment: What future for recruiters?

It's no secret that the recruitment - the most responsible and difficult task that confronts head.How to find such employees that will meet all the requirements of customers and potential customers?

for proper search and selection of employees, employers use a variety of ways and means.As a rule, they are arming biographical surveys, various interviews, tasks, achievement tests, intelligence and abilities, a variety of graphic research and so on.Employment agencies over the past decade have invented hundreds of ways to distinguish high-quality personnel, among others.

Psychological methods of recruitment are the most popular.As a rule, domestic psychologists are trying to adapt foreign techniques by our mentality, but it is not always possible.

Another obstacle to the use of psychological diagnosis - a high enough level of psychological preparation of leaders and candidates for office.Thus, to recruiting and personnel selection was quality, it is necessary to involve not only a good psychologist, but good techniques that meet all requirements.

excellent aid in the selection of personnel providing staffing agency.However, we must prepare for the fact that it is not cheap.You can create your own HR department, which will not only be useful but also a positive impact on profit.

choosing methods of recruitment, it should be remembered that the choice of subordinates - a war for the best, and here, as in love and war, all methods are good.The most important trump card in the competition - the ability to lure skilled workers from competitors.Interestingly, this method of selection is considered to be not only the most aggressive, but also one of the most effective.Another effective method - find talent within his own company.Probably, somewhere is already talented staff, the potential of which is not disclosed.It is important to be able to notice such people.

Modern methods of recruitment include aggressive recruiting.Companies involved in this recruitment, determine which items are priorities for them.Important positions are positions that are related to customer service and profitability of the enterprise.Typically, the company develops advanced competency cards for their recruiters.These include the ability to persuade and, and the ability to make quick decisions in critical situations, and good communication skills.

In large companies believe that a recruiter - a key post that has a direct impact on profit and growth of the company.Guidelines from time to time checks and recruiters led by special coach conducts various training courses to improve existing skills for recruitment.

what methods of recruitment will select, in turn, recruiter, depending on how he is able to work with information sources and candidates for office.

In addition, a specialist should be able to take part in a behavioral interview.This technique is generally accepted by many companies and recruiters use it exclusively.

to selection was as accurate as possible, and error free, you can use special questionnaires for different departments.With aggressive recruiting candidates database contains data on the benefits of the candidate and the information that is necessary for the future sale of a particular job.It is interesting that the definition of the motives leading candidate in decision-making, is very rare in rekrutige.However, recent market trends suggest that the methods of recruitment will be changed and improved in this direction.What innovations are waiting for such personnel staffing companies a few years later, it remains a mystery.We can assume that very soon all specialist HR can quickly and easily find the right candidate in a worldwide database with information about each professional.