"Secrets of the body" - an exhibition of human bodies in Minsk

From mid-autumn to the end of the Christmas holidays in Minsk available to visit was one of the most striking and shocking exhibitions in the world.Exciting called "Secrets of the body.The universe inside "brings together about 200 pieces that demonstrate the structure of the human body and organs.All this models and specially treated biological material is present.How interesting exhibition of human bodies in Minsk and they can tell people already had time to visit it?

history and ideology of the project

unique traveling exhibition was created seven years ago in the United States.The basic idea - to tell and show the human anatomy available to every viewer.To create "benefits" are really used the body of volunteers, but it's nothing sinister or scary in the exhibits there.In fact, the collection consists of what they see every day at work, doctors and students studying the medical profession.The creator of the exhibition Heidi Pinchel in all his interviews emphasizes that there is no desire or purpose to scare someone, it is a serious informative lectures, which will be useful to everyone.The exhibition of human bodies in Minsk available for visiting students and has a low age limit.

Interesting facts

The project was originally designed as a traveling exhibition.The authors sought is available to talk about the functioning of the human body to people from around the globe.During the work of the exhibition has attracted more than 300 million viewers.Before Minsk the collection was located in Los Angeles.Where did it go on - is a big secret to the public.Particular attention is paid to presenting information.Specific standards developed choice of facilities and installations in its copies.The anatomy of the human body - Exhibition (Minsk - host city today) is not entertaining, but a purely scientific.For better absorption of the material exhibition is supplemented with information boards.In addition, each time you open chosen qualified staff, speaking the language of the State in which the works exhibition and conducting study tours.

«Mysteries of the human body" exhibition (Minsk), what can be seen?

in the US and Europe during the life of the will of their bodies for medical research after death - this is normal.Most of the exhibits is just such an origin (part were used to authorizations relatives of the deceased).Modern technologies allow to permanently preserve the biological material in its natural form.It is a technique of plastination polymer, involves replacing the natural fluid in the cells on silicon.The exhibition of human bodies in Minsk allows the device to consider the skeleton and muscles, and internal organs, and other tissues.Among the exhibits there are separate agencies with a demonstration of the type "in the context".Present and whole body and big parts.The creators of the collection believe that to learn how to take care of themselves and show consideration to health can only be realized, how our body."Mysteries of the human body" - an exhibition (Minsk), which can help in understanding yourself and realizing their needs.

Home - true perception

organizers invite everyone to see with my own eyes all comers.Total collection show there were no complaints from viewers.Someone seems unethical to use these bodies as teaching aids.However, due to special handling exhibits nothing but high detail and quality, no different from the modern anatomical models, used in educational institutions.In fact, hardly anyone can scare and shock the exhibition of human bodies in Minsk.Photos and videos are publicly available on the Internet from the date of the first opening.Age limits - "6+".Indeed, many visitors come families, leading to a school-age children.

exhibition of human bodies in Minsk photos and reviews

understand how interesting you personally will visit this event possible, in consultation with those who have visited it.Minsk residents simply ask friends and acquaintances, as the exhibition was opened by a sufficiently long period, and problems with the number of visitors was not.We offer to your attention and feedback from the city and thematic forums."Anatomy of the human body" - an exhibition (Minsk), which is sufficient discussion townsmen event.Opinions are mostly positive: it is interesting, unusual and definitely helpful.Complaints to the style of the exhibits there, as well as claims to the collection as a whole.Many viewers have noted that on weekends there are too many visitors, but overall it does not interfere with acquaintance with the exhibits and the accompanying information.Yet some resources can meet the negative reviews.What is remarkable - they are left to those who did not attend and has no plans to visit the exhibition.Accordingly, these negative opinions can be confidently described as subjective.

Mode and the price

human bodies exhibition opened in Minsk on October 3, 2014, the closing is scheduled for 11 January 2015. It is located in the exhibition complex "Minsk-Arena" indoor velodrome.Visiting hours - from 11.00 to 21.00, exhibits and teaching material is very much in the evening is recommended to arrive with time to spare for a full examination.The exhibition of human bodies in Minsk has good reviews, and it's one more reason to visit it.Pleasing and affordable ticket prices: from 130 000 to 195 000 rubles.On weekdays, discounts, cheaper costs and group visit with prior booking tickets.