Replacing the clutch of VAZ-2107: user manual, recommendations.

Replacement of clutch VAZ-2107 on certain algorithm, which will be discussed a little later.First, let's recall the history of the car, it turns out that he is likely to have been designed for only one main goal - to restore the maximum horror on the rotten capitalist world.Moreover, the use of "Seven" as a means of transport is clearly not envisaged.But in the repair of the machine is simple, like the famous T-34 tank.The only downside - is the removal of a starter, and this procedure will have to go during the dismantling of the gearbox.This process will be described below.

The need to stock up

Despite all the shortcomings and ease the car, the repair you will need a special tool, without which it can not do.First of all you need a pin - suitable diameter metal tube (you can even hollow inside).With it you ottsentriruete position relative to drive plate clutch.Depending on the age of the car, its technical condition, and cleanliness of the driver can be different time lasts clutch replacement VAZ-2107.The price of the entire set will be about 2000-2500 rubles.Of course, it is necessary to mention about the components that need to be set new.

Firstly, it is the entire set of clutch - basket, ball bearings, clutch disc.Secondly, the compulsory change bolts and washers, which is bolted to the flywheel drive.Third, if you plan on replacing clutch slave cylinder VAZ-2107, you still need to buy brake fluid and hoses with new ones.Fourth, the need to assess the state of flywheel.Fifth, you remove the propeller shaft, so do not rule out the possibility that the cross had deteriorated and need to be replaced, too.Sixth, the state is unknown pillow boxes and outboard bearing.In other words, this wonderful car could bring a lot of "surprises" car owner who does not follow the technical condition.

Preparing for repair

first step to drive the car on a lift and remove the battery.Please note that you need to disconnect the battery.When the clutch is replaced VAZ-2107, removed the box, starter, and at last - the power wire of the big section.If he closes on the mass, the fire can not be avoided.And do not forget that the car is rear-wheel drive (of course, in a good sense of the word).This means that it has two rear wheels are leading - the torque is transmitted to them from the engine through the gearbox and propeller shaft to the gearbox.

What does this mean?The fact that you need to install a rear-wheel chocks.Yes, even the bricks enclose to not leave the car.The broken state it is able to bring the terror not only in capitalist countries, but even in the normal and adequate people.It does not matter, will completely change the unit, or only planned replacement clutch VAZ-2107, the box should be removed in any case.Therefore, all of the requirements described below, you must perform.

Can we do without the pit / lift?

But the first question appears immediately after the appearance of the idea of ​​replacing the clutch.Can we do without the pit / lift / rack?Unfortunately, not every motorist is tastefully appointed.The answer will be brief - possible.But it is not complete, as you could see.Therefore it is necessary to describe the process a little bit of repair without facilities.If you are slim build, then you only need to lift the machine 40-50 centimeters.But the convenience, of course, will not add such a position of the vehicle.If you live in the countryside, then make a small trench - a couple of meters in length, 50 cm in width and depth of the same - is not difficult.In this case it will be much easier.But better, of course, on a normal pit or the lift easier to repair the VAZ-2107.Fork clutch replacement is also sometimes necessary to remove and is made only after the dismantling of the checkpoint.

Step One - on top of the machine

So begins dismantling VAZ by parts to get to the truth, what is still terrifies the decaying capitalism?First of all, disconnect the battery.Remind you need more time, not to forget.Then, disconnect all two wires that go to the starter, and then shoot it.It is quite possible that the starter and terrified, as it off - it is a problem, the lower nut (if any) must get out to face head and cardan extension, and considerable.

Then sighing deeply, as clutch replacement VAZ-2107 has only just begun, yet so much to do.For example, to analyze the shift lever.It is made of plastic parts, but their separation is fraught with obtaining stab hand injuries from cutting screwdriver.But if managed, continue the job.In his hands the keys to the 19-and-forth, twist the screws that PPC and ICE are connected together.And at the same time remove the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold, since it would interfere.

Stage Two - the bottom of the machine

Now make yourself comfortable under the machine and carry out the following manipulations:

  1. disengage the PTO drive flange from the gearbox.Only the planned position of the splines, or after assembly of the cardan is terrible buzz.
  2. unscrews nuts fixing outboard bearing.And do not lose them, it is better to all the baits Gadget.
  3. knocks tapping the driveshaft.You throw it to the side so as not to get in the way.
  4. pluck the nuts on the cushions of the box.By the end yet do not remove.
  5. Recording a clutch slave cylinder and fix it so that you do not accidentally damage the hose.
  6. to twist and disconnect the speedometer cable sensor reversing.

That's all, now under the box put a support scrap pushes the gearshift from the engine block.A little bit of torment and the box goes.

Replacement clutch

And now only directly clutch replacement VAZ-2107 will be held, all previously described referred to the preparatory work.The procedure for replacing the clutch is very simple.Twisting the six bolts, shoot a basket, along with her drive and get away.Then you put new elements baits six new bolts.Sometimes Comes even plastic tube to center, if it is not, then set the appropriate disc in the drive.Evenly (diagonal) tighten the bolts baskets, checking alignment.Everything is now put a new clutch release and you can collect the car.Problems with the clutch are now will not be long.