How to Maynkraft Lego: tips and tricks

Maynkraft - a computer game.It's kind of the constructor.It is possible to collect any object which just wish imagination.Recently, a cult game with monitor screens moved to offline.Sales were licensed Lego Maynkraft (sets).Now, 40 million fans of PC games have the opportunity to gather with their hands wonderful world of Steve and Creeper endermenov.

Maynkraft Lego

If your computer is enough to click with one finger to build entire cities, to build real Lego toys Maynkraft have to use the full potential of small motor - 10 fingers.And maybe a few people.The beauty of Lego toy is tactile sensations, the ability to manipulate the objects by the set rules of the game.But to find yourself in the Lego universe Maynkrafta, you must go through 4 stages:

  1. Choose from a variety of sets and purchase the desired constructor.
  2. Carefully open the package.Arrange items on a flat surface to quickly find the desired item.
  3. read the instructions how to make Maynkraft Lego.
  4. Collect a set.


in each package designer must necessarily be detailed instructions.If not, the buyer the right to purchase exchange.Instructions can be a color booklet or mini-notebook.Small parts are stored in a transparent plastic bag or plastic boxes.

most important rule of toy manufacturers - the safety of children.In a prominent place the package contains information that tells, at what age is recommended to use a toy.If it says "10+" means that children ten years and older can safely build peace Maynkraft.Also, the numbers indicate the level of difficulty.

The scale created the world is easily recognizable by the number of parts.It is indicated on the front of the box next to the age limits.For example: "480 pcs / Stck / pzs / db».

collect Lego instructions on

easiest way to collect a set of instructions.It describes step by step how to make Maynkraft Lego.Every action is numbered in order.In addition, it indicates the number of each type of detail.

assembly begins with the point №1.Wade said elements and are connected as shown.For the convenience of visual perception on the part of Lego figures are displayed in different colors.The direction of the connection is often displayed by arrows.

mastered the first point, move to the second, third and subsequent.Ranking not be violated.At one point can contain multiple actions.In this case, the pattern should be clear even to a child.When reading difficulty is not shameful to consult with adults, how to make Maynkraft Lego.

Designer requires careful fitting blocks.Details should be further squeezed all the way, otherwise the final design will be released skewed, disproportionate.In addition to the blocks of various shapes, in a series of Lego Maynkraft pins may be present - cross-shaped sticks.They connect the individual parts of a toy in one world.That is, the game can be purchased piecemeal, adding to the already assembled structure.

Maynkraft without instruction

How to Maynkraft Lego without instructions?Easily!Much more interesting to create a world without Steve hints at its discretion.The principle is the same compound blocks.When assembling the parts necessary to select the appropriate size.Particularly important proportioning adjustment.If one area is lower than the other, then the crossbar distortions not reliably connect these areas.

When the free planning of some parts may miss.Thanks to standard Lego, they can borrow from other sets.There are designers of other brands (eg, Brick), suitable in size.

Since there are no clues, before going to work, it is desirable to sort the items.Long fastener strips apart, high cubes separately and so on.Do not interfere further sorted by color.This will help create a world of harmony beautiful, or vice versa - chaotically diverse.