Energetic vampire

energy vampires - a person who is able to take away the power of life with whom he communicates.This process can not be explained in terms of the laws of the mutual exchange of energy.Nevertheless, vampirizm currently received epidemic proportions.

People receiving the life force from its environment, are divided into two types: the unconscious and conscious.The first of them are not socially dangerous to a large extent.Any one of us has to experience the energy hunger or disease during the period, or in moments of stress.Some of us recovers his strength in nature, part - taking them from others.

energy vampires conscious type is much more dangerous.He specifically takes away people's vitality.Such a person to the brim full of aggression and negativity.With its filing, "fly" is transformed into "the elephant."Suck the life force from the people around them, a vampire starts to feel a lot better, becoming friendly and smiling.

Vampirism can arise in people with infants.The energy field of the baby is very weak and vulnerable to external influences.They are fed by parents and educators.If a child often hears in his address harsh words and not feel self love, it will grow moody.Being older, such a child would talk back to adults.Vampires Teenage gathering flocks, crowded negative, aggression and hostility.They seek nourishment in destructive activities (ignition mailboxes, cruelty to animals, drawing on porches).The future of these children grow up, the heads of monsters and tyrants fathers.

energy vampire can occur in a family where there is love and respect.The reason for this may be caregivers and teachers.If some of them are bleeding the life force people, as manifested in children vampirism.

this negative phenomenon people have to face constantly.Most vital energy can be given in a variety of bureaucratic institutions, post offices, while paying utility bills.It's hard to work with the head vampire.Its aggression so the boss picks on subordinates, insulting them in the face and arranging regular "dismantling".It takes a lot of energy and jealous.His unfounded suspicions and distrust, he exhausts lover.Much effort picks up energy vampire from his victim in the relationship between mother-in-law and mother in law and sister in law.

As you can see, negative haunts us everywhere.What should be done in order not to give up their life force and avoid becoming a victim?Protection against energy vampires lies in observing three simple rules.

Firstly, it is not necessary to respond to conflict situations irritation.The reaction to an unexpected vampire (smile instead of tears), discouraged him.

Secondly, it is desirable does not communicate with the person who is fueled by your life force.This is especially true uninteresting and unpleasant companions.Nor should we be friends with them and do them good.Sensing a weakness on your part, they immediately will be engaged in pumping out energy.

Thirdly, it is necessary to protect its bioenergy field.To do this throughout the conversation with a vampire have to keep crossed legs or hands.You can submit to a thick mirror reflecting the interlocutor, or hide in the pocket of a fig.

If communication with the Vampire escape is impossible, then all you need to perceive his remarks with humor.Rudeness best answer joke.In this case, you will not harm inflicted.

To answer the question of how to become an energy vampire, you must turn to the magic of visualization.With it you can learn how to manage the flow of life force.Magic visualization allows a person to learn how to pump out energy, causing an unpleasant sensation and headache, unmotivated fear and nervous excitement.Also, using this method can return their energy to man, while there will be a improvement in its health, the removal of a variety of painful symptoms, etc.