40-year-old woman likes to be a horse

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Day Leanna working web designer evening dresses in "horse outfit" and became a pony.In the role of the rider or the driver performs her friend.

40-year-old web designer Leanna, who lives in Australia, in his spare time loves to turn into a horse.On the tail, hoofs with horseshoes, saddles and bridles.Reincarnated in a pony, she even changes the name, becoming filly Shiannoy.And joy and pleasure carries on itself his girlfriend Grace, one acceding role rider or the driver.

And Leanna argues that acts as the horse is not for fun or commitment to masochism.According to her, her "I have a horse," it gives her the opportunity to really relax and be myself.

"Eogda I am in pony skin, it feels free, - she said. - For me it is an opportunity to become self-expression and for what I am."

have Lehane, who has always loved animals, and there are some real horses and a cat Amber.Leanna refers to horses as equals.But when she becomes a horse, the reins completely takes over Grace.

Leanna simply "jumps", giving Grace the opportunity to handle the reins.

"Like the horse, Leanna respond to my commands, motion about it ... She's a very vicious person, but turning into a horse, she is transformed. I think for her it is another opportunity to express, with greater component of her nature."

Commenting on the behavior of Leanna, a sociologist and sexologist Dr. Carol Queen says: "Shy people often like game animals. Live in a new way, or even dressing up in some animals, such as if a person is selected from the cell's own shyness. There is somethinghow Leanna feels when dressed as ponies, with mane and tail, in a beautiful galloping harness it for the fabulous field. It loosens up and gives her a sense of freedom. "

Moreover, being in the image of a pony, she did not shy.It carries Grace not only the court but also to shop.

Leanna says that, of course., Facing at the same time with oblique glances, but benevolent gaze, she said, still more.

Moreover, it encourages other at least once to experience the wonderful feeling that occurs when a person in a horse reincarnation: "I think more people should experience it. And if you have fun when it's not, then you're just doing it wrong!"

Photo source: dailymail.co.uk