Product Range

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company that develops new products, should address questions about the product portfolio.

product range - is a certain group of products that are closely related to each other by the similarity of operation, interest groups of customers, types of realizing their commercial establishments or price range.

For example, assortimetnom producer "Revlon" is a group of cosmetics, "General Motors" - cars, "Panasonic" - radio and television equipment.

In the commodity policy of greatest interest are groups of products that perform similar functions.

product range is characterized by concepts such as latitude (the number of offered product groups), depth (the number of items in each group), saturation (the expansion of the product portfolio with the addition of new products), harmony (the proximity of the goods to the production process, distribution channels, end-consumer), rationality (ability to meet customer), resistance (the ability to meet demand), innovation (ability to meet the changing needs of customers).

Latitude characterizing assortment, diversify products to customer requirements in order to encourage them to buy in one place.If the company produces several product lines, it means that it is a commodity nomenclature.On the production of several product groups specialize in many large firms, "Avon" (in the range which includes three product groups: cosmetics, household goods, jewelery), "Samsung" (group of video and TV technician, household appliances, telecommunications facilities), "Procter & Gamble "(assortment which consists of six product groups: detergents, disposable diapers, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, coffee).

depth of product range - is the ability to meet the needs of different segments of customers for a certain type of product.For example, the toothpaste may be sold in different packaging with different characteristics and composition.

saturation of the product range - is the addition of new products within the existing product range with new products must be significantly different from the existing ones.This occurs when a firm seeks to be a leader, load capacities in order to avoid downtime technology, trying to prevent the growth of competition.An example of a high saturation range is "Procter & Gamble", which produces about twenty names detergents.

saturation range leads to increased costs, because there is a need to maintain inventories, modified products.There is a risk of fluctuations sales.Therefore, the product range of marketing requires thoughtful management to maintain profitability and a successful fight against competitors.

Management product range - is the coordination of various activities: an integrated market research, design, scientific and technical work, the organization of sales, advertising, service, stimulating demand.The complexity of this task is sufficient complexity combining all elements.If you do not, the company can not begin to produce the products that the customer needs, and which is suitable for the production of industrial divisions.Marketing is considering a similar situation as a direct contradiction to what you need to do is actually to achieve efficiency.

tasks of assortment management is to prepare specifications for a consumer product, the transfer of its design department and tracking that the prototype was brought to the customer's requirements.Only in this way it can be advisable to invest in a modification of the product, and do not spend money on advertising obsolete goods.Assortment management held marketing manager.