In the depths of the crystal conjectural

Last time we started talking about the art of divination on the crystal or crystal ball (scrying).But you have passed the first stage, are well acquainted with your crystal in your cozy room, half black, you already see the fog inside crystal.Soon you will begin to see signs of vague.

Distinct places and see a person skilled Scryers, or people who have a natural ability, and most see the first signs.Therefore, we present the interpretation of common symbols.

course, the list is not complete, and the interpretation of only approximately, since everything depends on the personal qualities of staring into a crystal.It should only help you take the first steps on the road by which you then go on their own.

first character that saw the third stage, usually a star or a vague figure signifies the Scryers.

Angel -bozhestvennoe protection, help in trouble.
Bull head riches.
-pravosudie Libra, justice.
-gryaznaya Water: a scandal, a disgrace.Net: epiphany, a revelation.Eye protection -duhovnoe

, clairvoyance.
Coffin is the sign of good luck.
Two stars or figure-question affects some second person.
-uspeh Earth, overcoming difficulties.
Grain bread -protsvetanie, abundance.-Knowledge
book;when closed: knowledge will be opened in the future.
Bell -neozhidannye good news.
Cat -okkultnaya protection.-possible
Cross disaster, but in the end overcome the difficulties.
lily, lotus-very good sign, meaning the disclosure of spiritual gifts.
Leo -strast love.
Bow and arrow -independence.Perhaps a long journey.
-obman moon.Changes during the month.
nude woman - motherhood.
Fire -ochischenie;reward.Or rather unexpected news.
Spider -denezhnaya profit.
Bird -vesti.-Love
glowing ball -uspeh.
Heart -privyazannost;generosity;kindness.
Dog -plohoy sign, if the dog is black.Health hazard questioner.
Sun -Happiness;prosperity.
-uspeh dancing figures.
Flowers -Good sign.At the time of his flowering can roughly determine the event.-Security
Anchor, vacation

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