What is it, the best mask for hair density, home-cooked?

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Nowadays, any woman can look like a goddess of beauty.It would be only a desire to regularly take care of their appearance.Visually, you can adjust everything: full legs, sagging stomach, small eyes, pale skin and so on.Even the rare nature of the hair is easy to make elegant and dense enough to build up artificial strands.This procedure is not cheap.The result can be seen in a few months.And then have to part with artificial curls and long to treat their hair.Therefore, we are with you today, we will not build anything, and try to achieve the density head of hair in a natural way using masks made from natural ingredients.Cook this mixture could any woman in the home.After all, you need to do is we have in the fridge or in the cupboard with food.Here are the best mask for hair density, tested more than one generation of women.

How to wash my hair?Of course, an egg!

Now on the shelves you can find a variety of different shampoos for washing the hair.All of them, as promised by the manufacturers, are designed to solve our problems with hair.Here are just a hassle with the hair from their use are often added.Dandruff appears, increasing hair loss, scalp becomes a little too oily, very dry.But our grandparents did not know of such problems.While there were no shampoos.They used to wash head that offered them Mother Nature, such as chicken egg.It can be used as a mask and hair density.At home, it is easy to prepare.To this end, beat the egg in a solid foam.Apply the mixture on your head, rubbed into the skin and then wash the hair with water without using shampoo.You can add this mask aloe juice, honey and burdock oil and other ingredients.In this case, you need to hold it on the head of minutes 20.

breadcrumbs - "miracle" -maska ​​

Another recipe for preventing hair loss, time-tested, - warm gruel of rye bread.Prepare it easy: crumb put in a bowl, fill it with boiling water, cover with a lid, and after 10 minutes put on his head, trying to rub the skin a lot.This is a great mask for the hair density.At home, make it easy.After all, bread is always in our house.

Kefir down?That's it!

you love yogurt?It turns out that it can be successfully used to prevent hair loss and get rid of dandruff.Kefir weight - excellent mask density of hair at home.Doing it this way: pour into a bowl of fat yogurt, heated it in a water bath until slightly warm.Then the mask is applied to clean, dry hair for half an hour.At any time after the head washed with warm water.

Onions and garlic - faithful helpers in the fight against hair loss

You've probably seen in pharmacies shampoo and mask with extracts of onion and garlic.It turns out that these plants - beautiful hair growth promoters.After all, to become thick curls and healthy, you need to "awaken" the dormant bulbs.And the onions and garlic with the excellent job.They are irritating to the scalp.As a result, improves blood circulation in the epidermis, the nutrients are delivered in full to the "sleeping" the bulbs.Effective mask for hair density on the basis of these ingredients is prepared as follows: clean the onions or garlic, rub on a small grater.The result was a paste.She rubbed into the hair roots.Please be a little pinch, but then it will pass.Keep the mask for half an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Thus, we found that the best mask for hair density in the home - a mixture of natural ingredients, prepared by your own hands.The result from the use of such funds will be seen, maybe not immediately.But the effect will be very persistent.You cure their hair, and they grow up healthy and beautiful.